Five Reasons Builders and Renovators Warn Against DIY

Five Reasons Builders and Renovators Warn Against DIY


Thinking about fixing up or replacing that leaking window or weather-stripping on your patio door for next winter? While many homeowners think they can resolve their issues with a little caulking and extra sealing, they’re only producing unreliable quick fixes. To make a real impact on your energy bills, stow away the toolbox and call an expert with years of experience. Here are a few reasons that DIY home-renovations and repairs often cause more trouble than they’re worth.

 1. Lack of proper materials

When you order premium windows from us, what you don’t realize is that they are made by a team of technicians who design, create, and distribute them with the method of proper installation already in mind. Therefore, the way the product is packed, the hardware installed, and the brand new finish protected are all systematic and serve the purpose of easy installation by one of the many professional builders and renovators we partner with. The tools at their disposal and the materials they use are very different from home toolboxes! It’s much safer and more effective for professionals to do the job with these resources at hand than for homeowners to try and upgrade their windows themselves.

 2. Bad installation

Not only are professional renovation tools and materials far more suited to installation, but the techniques used by experts are crucial, too. Someone with only limited knowledge of how these huge, heavy window and doors are meant to fit into existing openings cannot anticipate what may go wrong. The teams of installers or renovator accustomed to this kind of work are like a smoothly functioning machine, and their craftsmanship and care exceeds the static value of the window itself.

 3. Energy efficiency

When space is made for windows in the walls of a home, these rough openings do not have sealed or polished edges. This means that simply placing the correct size and shape of window into the opening where an old window used to be, and securing it there, will not be enough. In order for the double-paned, Low-E products to truly be as energy efficient as we have  designed them to be, they needs to be installed in a way that absolutely no air leaks or gaps are left in the space between it and the wall. Professional sealing is the only way to ensure this, because technicians work differently depending on the kind of wall and interior space they encounter, and will adapt to these needs as they appear.

 4. Aesthetic consistency

Why waste the beautiful, premium quality product purchased for a lovely home by risking damage or inconsistencies in style? While our windows have common interiors and exteriors to make it as easy as possible to match the inside and outside of a home, the possibility of scratching, denting, or otherwise damaging the frame or the glass while attempting to install it yourself is hardly worth it. Our professional dealers and renovators are happy not only to guarantee a perfectly installed, weatherized, and sealed window, but also to clean up after themselves in a timely fashion, properly dispose of your old windows and respond to any concerns about style or colour that a homeowner might have.

 5. Warranty

Finally, the last and most important reason to choose professional installation is that any damage or issues you experience will be fully covered by the warranty only if the product has been properly installed, used, and maintained. Errors made during improper installations are not covered, and will result only the waste of a premium product and the potential for significant additional damage to occur within your home.


How To Prepare For A Window Installation

If you are renovating your home and replacing your windows, your installation can happen with minimal impact so long as you take the right steps to prepare ahead of time. Hiring trained professionals, scheduling your installation in advance and clearing the area will help your window installation run smoothly.

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