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The ever-popular and timeless casement window is a style beloved by homeowners, renovators and builders alike. Casement windows add visual appeal, functionality and energy efficiency to your home.  If you are considering casement windows for your next project, read on for a brief summary of their impressive qualities.

While awning windows hinge from the top, casement windows hinge from the side and open completely, allowing you to direct natural airflow into your home. They also feature a multi-point locking system, which allows one locking point to control multiple locks on the window for additional security. When this system is combined with roto-operators, it provides an unbelievable ease of operation.

Golden Windows offers three product lines: GoldenClad, GoldenWood and GoldenVinyl. If you are interested in any of these exceptional choices, you can call for a consultation or stop by our London showroom to discuss the possibilities with an experienced sales representative. If you do not live in the London area, there are showroom locations in Kitchener and Ottawa.


Increased Security

While the average homeowner adds locks and security systems to their front and back doors, they often forget that windows can be a point of entry. Windows are considered one of the most vulnerable parts of a house because they are often neglected and they are very likely to be targeted as access-points by burglars, thieves or vandals. If you are looking for windows that bring superior security to a property, casement windows are one of the top choices for homeowners looking to guard against forced entries. A casement window is equipped with a hand-operated crank that is only accessible from the interior — as long as the window is closed, it will not be an easy entrance for any unwanted intruders. While the style is known for being durable, Golden Windows equips all casement window ranges with multi-point lock systems for additional security so that owners can have peace of mind when they are in and out of the house.


Increased Airflow

One of the best advantages of casement windows is that they can direct refreshing breezes inside of the house because of their spacious entrance and their unique angled design. The style is excellent for creating natural ventilation for your home so that you can adjust the indoor temperature without using air conditioning or fans. The ventilation will also improve the indoor air quality so that it won’t be stale or stagnant — this is crucial if any residents have respiratory problems like allergies and asthma.  


Easy To Clean

Window washing can feel like quite the endeavor, especially if you plan on cleaning all of them in one day. Casement windows can make the chore that much simpler because you can crank the window open so that you can wash the exterior and interior at the same time — this will save you from taking an extra trip indoors and make your cleaning go by much faster. An added benefit is that casement windows are built with an interior screen, so you can easily remove the screen for a thorough wash. Once the screen is completely washed, rinsed and air dried, you can insert it back into its original spot in a flash.

Every single window style carries different qualities that can benefit a homeowner and their property — casement windows offer security, ventilation and ease when it comes to cleaning. If you’re looking for windows that bring additional comfort and convenience, casement windows are a fantastic choice.


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