Architects and Designers Can’t Get Enough of Golden Windows

Planning to build a home is an incredible task — it requires a deep reservoir of different kinds of knowledge, a great design sensibility, and planning instincts that leave time and space for very different elements and materials. The structure of a home, no matter how well-made, means nothing if the foundation, carpentry, plumbing, and electrical aren’t designed in tandem with it, since they have to work together to ensure that a house can withstand the harshest Northern weather conditions with minimal energy waste and maximum sustainability.

Having started small in Kitchener, our company grew according to the demands of the surrounding clientele to become the integrated and high-functioning designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium windows that it currently is. We encourage collaboration between designers, architects, and builders because we know from experience that it can mean the difference between good and excellent results. Each of our employees gathers knowledge not only from their own but also from related fields in order to contribute as much as possible to the entire process of constantly creating and improving our product.

The technology used in each door and window we produce has been specifically implemented because it adds something to the house you are building as a whole. Aluminum-clad wood and vinyl choices provide you with the variety you need to ensure that every type of home is outfitted with the right size, frame, and aesthetic, while Low-E treatments and argon gas filling ensure that heat transfer remains as low as possible. This means that, no matter what aspect of the home-building process you’re most attached to, you can rely on the holistic functioning of the items you purchase to make sure that you’re exceeding the efficiency requirements recommended while beautifying your home.  

Because we’re committed to this holistic philosophy and the results it creates, we also believe in protecting the environment to the best of our ability. As one of very few Canadian companies that have obtained ISO certification, we’re always looking for ways to serve you better while reducing waste within and outside of factory walls, so that every Golden Window and door out there always meets performance expectations while improving the interior comfort of a home or business.

Our mandate to consistently be on the lookout for ways to improve as a company means that feedback from architects and builders who work with us is always put to the best use. Whether it means reworking the way that our product fits into rough openings for fewer air leaks, testing out new materials to  increase options, or ensuring that the organization and internal functioning of our departments is punctual, we are always trying to make homebuilding a more efficient and innovative process. Ultimately, we believe that if it’s anything other than a pleasurable and satisfying experience to provide premium products, it’s not worth it.


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