Are Casement Windows Right For Your Home

Casement windows are practically standard issue in modern homes in Ontario, especially in bedrooms, living rooms, and on second floors. Today, the casement window seems synonymous with the two-story, red brick-façade of suburban homes that are common in cities and towns across this province, but their history actually goes back quite a long way. The first examples come from the 1700s, originally with iron frames that evolved in the 19th century into solid woods like oak. Smaller glass panes were connected with lead strips, because it was difficult to manufacture single, large panels of glass. Sash windows of all kinds began to replace casement windows as glass manufacturing improved.

In the 1920s, casement window marketers advertised directly to homeowners (rather than builders), advertising how easy it was to clean them. Now, they’re an extremely popular choice, especially with vinyl frames, known for being great insulators. Vinyl windows are a popular seller at Golden Windows, not just because they’re low-maintenance and cost-effective, but also because we offer them in so many different colours.

Casement windows are probably right for you if you want:

  • Superior security: Golden Windows casement windows offer multi-lock security (with one single point of control). The locks are hook-shaped and embedded into the window frame itself, making them very tricky to be broken into. You can sleep easy with casement windows firmly closed and locked up.

  • Openness: If you want to open up your home to the fresh air outside all the way, casement windows are the right choice. Sliders and hung windows are limited in how far you can open them up, while awnings and tilt windows are great for airflow but still restricted. There’s nothing quite like opening those windows all the way on a beautiful spring day when it’s finally warm enough.

  • Better breezes: If your home is in a dense neighbourhood with houses close together, it can be difficult to catch breezes along the side of your home. A casement window creates an ideal angle for catching that wind and directing it into your living room.

  • No muntins or grilles: While muntins or grilles can create an aesthetic harmony with the rest of your home, some people find that they get in the way of the view. With casement windows, you have a clear view to the outside.

Whatever your preference, Golden Windows has what you’re looking for. We offer one of the widest inventories of replacement windows in Kitchener and area, as well as locations in London and Kanata serving much of Ontario. We have endless options for custom color, size, grille pattern, and frame material. So whether it’s casement windows, skylights, awnings, or hung, our professionals can give you the help you need.


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