Change the Look and Feel of Your Interiors with One Renovation

What do most homebuyers and interior designers think about when they walk into a space? Lighting. Big, beautiful windows translate into lots of great natural light, a good view, and the feeling of a larger, more open interior space. All of those qualities then translate into a more valuable, highly sought-after home. However, what lots of those buyers don’t realize about windows is what lots of professional builders and renovators are constantly dealing with: bigger windows don’t necessarily mean better ventilation or air flow.

When low-quality window glass covers a large surface area, it tends to actually make a room stuffier on a warm spring or summer day. This is because glass is one of the best conductors of heat, and when it’s not treated with a Low-E coating or filled with argon gas like all of our premium products are, it raises the temperature of a room even if the window itself is open. Similarly, even if the window is closed in the winter, the colder temperatures outside will transfer to an interior space faster through glass that isn’t adequately insulated.

Of course, this means that energy bills can reach great heights in both seasons. It also means, however, that you’re missing out on some of the incredible benefits that expertly engineered modern windows have to offer. For example, when you contact one of our professionals or visit a showroom to discuss which products might be best for your project, they’ll take into consideration the following:

  • the orientation of the walls each window will be placed in

  • the climate of your region

  • the area surrounding the exterior of the window (plants, shrubs, trees, etc.)

  • your design requirements and the current or desired interior and exterior styles of the home

If the window faces south or east, as many do to optimize lighting in Canada, it’s likely to get a lot of warm sunshine and need some great ventilation to balance that out. Designers and interior experts as well as other professionals take this into account when renovating a house for sale because it completely changes the way someone feels inside the room. Ensuring that comfortable and consistent temperatures exist throughout the house can be difficult in more extreme Canadian climates, but it is entirely possible when you’re attentive to window type and placement. Great air flow contributes to a feeling of openness, space, and minimalism, while stuffiness and still air can make a room feel stale and claustrophobic.

We’re updated the aesthetics of our products on an ongoing basis over the past few decades, always keeping in mind that improvement, adaptability, and premium quality are the cornerstones of good business.  Today, we recognize that beauty, simplicity, and functionality go hand-in-hand with environmental efficiency, and we strive to create and install products that effortlessly save energy in every home. All of our products are engineered to be intuitively user-friendly, low-maintenance, and easy to clean.


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