Five Reasons To Choose Bay Windows

If you are looking for inspiration to spruce up your house, look no further: bay windows may be the perfect solution for you. Bay windows are three or more sided windows that protrude from the exterior wall of your house, offering a panoramic view of the outside world. Here at Golden Windows, we highly recommend this design because we believe in giving the customer the best window—and the best view—for their home.

If you still aren’t sold by the view, here are five wonderful benefits that bay windows can add to a house:

An Easy Find

You don’t have to look far to find the right bay windows for a renovation project because Golden Windows is the perfect choice to provide and install the windows that you need. Our bay and bow windows are constructed using basic elements, single, and double hung and picture windows. The design can be from our incredible product line selections: GoldenClad®also casements, GoldenWood®, or GoldenVinyl® 5000 Series and 3000 Series.

As a window company in Kitchener, we have showrooms in various locations in Ontario. We sell windows to contractors and builders all across the province, and several of Southern Ontario’s most trustworthy home builders and developers are listed as our clients.

Natural Light

One of the best perks of bay windows is the abundance of natural light that they bring in because daylight can stream into the house overhead and through both sides of the window frame. Any homeowner would appreciate the experience of watching the sunrise filter through their room or basking in the warmth of a clear afternoon.

Expand Your Space

Bay windows can really open up a room, because the inherent design increases the space of a room, depending on the size and height that you want for the windows. The style creates a clever illusion, which will prevent even the smallest room from feeling cramped and tight.

A Place for Decoration

Bay windows are a great chance to use your creativity because they open up the opportunity for decoration. You can show your flare for interior design by placing potted plants or artwork along the edge. You can drape string lights along the interior or exterior of the windows—you don’t even have to wait for the winter holidays!

A Special Spot

Bay windows are a versatile application that can completely change the purpose and atmosphere of a room. For instance, bay windows could create the perfect opening for a reading corner by combining the installation with a window seat — the window seat could even be converted into a storage space for the books to increase functionality and reduce clutter. Another possibility is to use bay windows as a focal point for a breakfast nook, which would convert an average kitchen into a modernized space. Bay windows can be the ultimate inspiration behind a renovation project, transforming a regular room into the best spot in the house.

If you are a homeowner trying to revamp your place or a project developer looking for resources, you can visit your local Golden Windows showroom or search online to find the perfect bay windows for your needs. We are happy to tell you that we offer high-quality pieces so that we can help you transform a property into a dream home.


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