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As the season progresses, you may have noticed that the surfaces of your windows are generating condensation. And when you try to wipe that condensation away, it returns soon after. Read on below to find out what is happening with your windows and how to stop them from sweating.

When the moist air inside of the house contacts the cold glass surface of a window it creates droplets or fog — the professional term for this is window condensation but people often describe the problem as sweating or weeping windows. Condensation tends to crop up during the fall and winter seasons because the temperatures are usually lower outside and higher indoors.

The main concern about condensation is that it’s a warning sign that there is too much moisture in the air. An abundance of indoor moisture will stimulate mold growth, peel paint off of walls and damage house features.

One of the biggest causes for window condensation in the winter is high indoor humidity — this is especially a problem for newly built houses, which are designed to be air-tight and have little ventilation as a result. Ventilation is important for getting rid of moisture, otherwise, it stays trapped in the house.

There are a number of ways to help control the humidity in your home. In the winter, keep your relative humidity in your home in the range of 30-40%. Relative humidity can be measured with a hygrometer, purchased from any hardware store. Opening windows in your home for a short time will rid the windows of condensation and allow dryer cold air to circulate inside the home, letting moist warm air to escape. In the summer, dehumidify the basement to avoid condensation build up on the cool foundation walls. Relative humidity should not exceed 60% during summer months. During any time of the year, household items like indoor hot tubs, plants, showers and cooking without lids are major sources of water vapour.

Homeowners can also look into getting a heat recovery ventilator system installed — this system will improve the indoor air quality and keep the room temperature heated.  

Another reason why a house’s windows are suffering from frequent condensation is that they are old and inefficient. Older single pane windows are more likely to deal with this problem than newer versions, but it can still happen with double and triple pane ones when their airtight seals are broken.

One of the best ways to reduce condensation is to get rid of your old windows and replace them with high-performance energy-efficient models with features like low-emissivity coatings, thermally improved spacer bars and insulated frames. If you need replacement windows in London, there are a variety of options with durable frames, low-emissivity glazing and Argon gas for superior thermal retention. 

If you decide to get new Golden Windows in London Ontario, you should also make sure that they are installed correctly. A poor installation will leave gaps that let in air drafts and ruin the energy-efficient capabilities. Instead of searching for a contractor or trying to do it on your own, you can look to our professional window installation services to set up an appointment for the certified installation team to come to the house and insert all of the upgrades. If this is your first time, you can call us to learn more about the window installation process and how to make the experience as easy as possible.

After improving the ventilation system and the windows, you can make some minor changes to reduce the moisture levels in your house. Run the exhaust fan when you are taking a hot shower or bath and leave it on for fifteen to twenty minutes after you’re finished. Remember to run the exhaust fans when you are cooking and to put lids on top of pots of boiling water. You can find these and a number of other helpful tips for reducing indoor moisture and frequent window condensation on the Golden Windows website dedicated to proper care and maintenance.

It’s normal to have some form of condensation on your windows, especially on the exterior first thing in the morning. The situation needs to be remedied when it happens all of the time so that you are constantly wiping on the glass. You can take it as an opportunity to upgrade the ventilation and windows in your home, or deal with the annoyance until winter is over.  


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