Golden Windows Are Made by Professionals & for Professionals

At Golden Windows, we think of it as the difference between getting the job done and going above and beyond expectations to provide the best quality product and service possible.

One of the reasons our company is both high-functioning and successful is because we grew according to the needs of our customers. Over five decades ago, when we started as a small Kitchener millwork plant, we weren’t looking to expand first and keep up with demands later. Instead of managing and growing Golden Windows for only profit, we designed our manufacturing processes, organizational structures, and product output according Professionalism means a whole host of different things to different people. To some, it’s measured by either a cheap price or an exorbitant one, and to others it means proper service accompanied by experience and good advice to what we observed happening around ourselves. The development of the expert craftsmanship and skill that goes into every window and door thus came out of the local business environment that we continued to adapt to.

In large part, rising to meet the challenges and needs of that environment meant paying attention to the professionals around us. Every preferred builder, renovator, and architect in partnership with Golden Windows brought something new to the table, enabling us to improve everything from delivery times and packaging to safety standards and product performance. Now, as an integrated designer, manufacturer, and distributor of premium windows and doors, we’ve made it our job to stay local while continuing to exceed service standards.

Working in collaboration with other dealers and suppliers gives everyone at Golden Windows extra information, skill, and experience. It allows us to always be aware of what’s happening in the field, whether it’s new styles and design trends or more environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficiency techniques like passive housing. Advancements in technology are quickly tested, tried, and implemented when we feel they are going to enrich the experiences of our client. This is why we became an Energy Star participant as well as becoming one of only a few ISO 9001 certified window and door companies.

Because we believe in listening to and experimenting with professionals like you, we are able to live out a philosophy of constant improvement.  We genuinely care about both business and market ecosystems and the natural ones surrounding us, we are always looking for ways to maximize our efficiency and reduce waste. This means creating longer-lasting windows and doors, recycling as many materials as possible in our factory, and encouraging families to conserve energy in their homes.

At Golden Windows, we empirically understand that adaptation is necessary for improvement, and we make it our goal to provide great lead times and superior technology so that your experience with our product as a builder or renovator is trouble-free. We also provide resources and information for professionals on our website, specifically because we value collaboration and mutual support.


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