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Finally! Warm weather is here which means there’s no need to shy from the outdoors and all of its frigid temperatures and heaps of snow. After a long winter, it’s now the season of milder weather, sunshine, and fresh air. Once we start to get outside it becomes impossible to ignore those home maintenance projects that we’ve been unable to get to during the colder months. Gutters need cleaning, walkways need sweeping, the lawnmower needs cleaning, and so much more.

Before you rush outdoors ready to conquer the winter wear, make a list of the important items you need to address so you can track your progress and stay focused. To keep from getting overwhelmed by the maintenance that your windows, doors, and other outdoor areas of your home require, here’s a handy list of major home improvement projects that should be addressed during spring.

  • Window Screens
  • Seal Your Windows and Doors
  • Wash Your Windows
  • Fix Up Your Patio and Sidewalks
  • Clean Gutters and Downspouts
  • Check Outdoor Plumbing
  • Inspect the Roof and Exterior

Spring is a great time to update the home. What’s more, the good weather makes it excellent for home renovations. If you’re in the market for upgrading your windows because you want to reap the benefits to your heating and cooling bills, improve your home’s ventilation, and increase natural light, then simply check out our latest promotions to see the styles and designs that can revitalize your home.


Window Cleaning Tips

Your windows have just been working double duty to keep out the cold during the winter months. They’ve been exposed to all sorts of precipitation and dirt from the outside. And if you’ve got pets or little ones in the house, you know how quickly small handprints and nose prints can accumulate on window panes. Washing your windows and their screens might not be your favourite chore, but keeping them clean is important to keeping them functional.

Giving your windows the star treatment doesn’t have to be a lot of work, however. Here are a few tips and handy household hacks that you can use to simplify your window cleaning process. For more information, please visit our Homeowner’s Care and Maintenance Guide.

  • Clean all operating hardware, hinges and tracks a minimum of twice per year and lubricate lightly with silicone spray or light oil 
  • Do not clean glass or other finishes with abrasive materials or cleaners 
  • Clean vinyl and clad surfaces with mild soap and water 
  • An application of automotive paste wax will help to maintain the original luster of your aluminum window frames 
  • Care should be taken to ensure weather-stripping and hardware is not painted over. This could result in windows not performing as intended and would not constitute a manufacturing defect 
  • Inspect face caulking annually to ensure proper seal against glass 
  • We recommend removing internal screens during the winter months to reduce the chance of condensation forming on the glass surfaces.


Window Air Leakage Woes

If you notice that your energy bills are climbing and the temperatures in your home are fluctuating, then it’s time to investigate the possibilities of an air leakage in your home. By reducing the amount of air that leaks from the outside in and from the inside out, you are reducing your heating and cooling costs, increasing your comfort levels indoors, and improving the durability of your window and door fixtures.

You don’t have to fully understand the physics behind how air leakage works, that’s where the professionals can come in. If you’ve noticed drafts or water leaks around your entry systems (windows and doors), it’s time to give us a call at Golden Windows and get a professional to assess the situation. 


Fix Up Your Frames: Caulking Do’s and Don’ts

The whole point of caulking your windows is to seal off any cracks that allow air and moisture to pass through from outside to inside and for heat to leak from your home. As such, it’s important to get the job done right to reap the rewards of a well-sealed window. Caulking is a simple task to handle but it can have big rewards in maintaining the integrity of your windows. As you prepare to take on a caulking project, consider these common caulking mistakes so you know what to avoid while repairing your home.

1.  Do: Get the Right Caulk for the Job

Don’t skimp out when choosing your caulking. With this item, you really do get what you pay for. The best high-quality caulk will offer long-lasting protection when it’s made from polyurethane or silicone. A 100% silicone product or one that combines silicone and latex is waterproof, shrink-proof, flexible, and lasts for longer than 20 years. One drawback of this product is the strong smell it gives off as it dries. Another thing to consider is that silicone caulk can’t be painted, which might be a major factor depending on the colour of your window frames.

One alternative that can be painted is polyurethane caulk, which lasts a little longer at 10-20 years. It also adheres well and can come in heavy duty spray foams that expand as they dry. For exterior window caulking, this is a common choice. You can also go for less expensive caulking options like butyl rubber or something oil- or resin-based, but they aren’t typically as flexible and they don’t adhere to surfaces for very long.  

2.  Don’t: Leave Old Caulk on Your Windows

As caulk hardens over time, it starts to peel away from its surface and allows for moisture to accumulate directly on the frame. If you don’t get rid of the old caulk before applying the new stuff, you risk leaving moisture on the surface of your window or frame. Getting rid of old caulk is simple, you can just use a putty knife to scrape it off.

If the caulk is extra tricky to remove, then your project might benefit from a caulk remover gel. Before scraping the caulk, apply the gel and allow 2-3 hours for it to settle into the old material. Once you’ve scraped the surface, you’ll need to clean away any mess with a simple household cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol in particular is good because it works to ensure that the surface is completely dry before you put on the new caulk.

3.  Do: Everything in Moderation

You want to do a good job with your window caulking project, so you might want to apply a little extra caulk just for good measure. However, more caulk isn’t necessarily more effective, especially when it comes to deep cracks. If you’re sealing a crack that is over ½ inch wide or deep, you should fill the gap with a backer rod (foam rope) before caulking over.

4.  Don’t: Skip Tooling

Skipping this important step is a major window maintenance faux-pas. The process of smoothing out caulking once it’s been applied is known as tooling. It needs to be done in order to ensure that your job looks tidy and professional (and that it’s done effectively, too).

For this process, you don’t need any special equipment since your hands are often the best tool. After you apply a bead of caulk, run your finger along it to fill the gap. In order to keep your skin from catching onto the caulk and peeling it back, dip your finger in soapy water before tooling.

5.  Do: Use the Right Applicator

You’re ready to get caulking and you’ve got the right cartridge for the job. However, that cartridge isn’t meant to also work as a tool for applying the product. In order to get the job done right, you’ll need a good quality caulking gun for dispensing. Not sure what to look for when picking a caulking gun? Shop for a model that has a smooth plunger rod and comfortable grip — the easier the gun is to use, the better your work will be.

Once it’s time to seal your cracks, cut the nozzle of the cartridge to the desired bead size, pierce the seal so the product can come out, and insert the cartridge into the gun. Work using an even, consistent pressure while holding your gun at a 45-degree angle.

When you put in the time and effort to maintain your windows, especially after the winter season, you’re taking the right steps in ensuring that your home stays in tip top shape throughout the year. That being said, a good caulking job isn’t enough to address more serious window issues like broken hardware or worn-out frames. Follow this link to take a look at lots of windows to choose from for when it’s time to replace old and inefficient models.


How Has the Winter Affected Your Weatherstripping?

The right caulking is fundamental to keeping your windows or exterior doors watertight and draft-free. In addition to caulking, your windows or doors may have weatherstripping that also works to improve insulation. The amount of wear that your weatherstripping endures is based on the climate of where you live as well as the way the fixture opens and closes. Casement windows and double hung windows, in particular, rely heavily on having good, clean weatherstripping that is applied properly to ensure the window opens and closes smoothly. If you’re noticing cracked or peeling weatherstripping, then you need to update your windows to keep them functional and ensure proper insulation.


Springtime Window Treatment Ideas

If you’re interested in getting new windows this spring, then check out our installation services to see how easy it is to get a certified, reliable professional to complete this task on time and on budget. On top of needing all the hardware and insulation of your windows to run smoothly as you go into spring, your springtime window updates also allow you the chance to exercise your creative muscles. Now that the days are longer and we want to enjoy the most of the sunlight, focusing on improving or updating your window treatments can help you make the most of the light, have better control over the light in a room, or simply give a room a new look.

Whether you want to add some new blinds, new curtains, or switch up what you’ve already got, this time of year is great for reinvigorating your home. Not sure where to start with picking the best window treatments for your décor and style? Not to worry. Here are some tips to picking the springtime window treatments that you’ll love as we go into the warm weather and for the rest of the year, too.

If you want to go for a plain but sophisticated look, new grommet curtains installed around your new windows are an excellent choice. What’s good about grommet curtains is that they’re easy to update depending on the season, so you can pick a bright, summery style as the weather gets warmer and then transition into something heavier for the winter.

Another option is to go for plantation shades, which are great for those who prefer to stay away from fabrics. These shutters look elegant and since they’re easy to clean and wipe down, they’re good for those who have dust allergies.

No matter which window treatment you prefer, you’ll be happy to put them up on your brand-new windows. Get started on your spring window reno today by getting in touch with a reputable integrated window manufacturer, retailer, and installer.


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