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Waking up in the middle of the night or coming home from vacation to see that your valuables have been stolen is an awful experience. Following the suggestions below will help bulk up the security around your home and hopefully deter others from entering uninvited.

The best way to prevent any burglars from getting into your house is to safeguard your entrances, especially the windows and doors on the first floor. If you feel like your entrances are old and easy to force open from the outside, you should browse through our huge collection of windows and entry doors to find replacements that will improve the security of your home and calm any anxieties that you might have. Consider installing awning or casement windows – they are opened by hand-operated cranks, which are only accessible from inside of the house. If you do not want additional ventilation, you can install Golden Windows in a fixed style so they cannot be opened. Visit our London showroom to see what options work with the design of your home and your budget — there are also Golden Windows showrooms in Kitchener and Ottawa as well.

You should also bulk up the security with all of your entry doors, including the ones in the back and at the sides of your home. One of the sneaky ways that burglars break in is to skip the front entry door and to go to the other doors — as owners often forget about adding security to these entrances. Solid fibreglass doors are often believed to be the best option when it comes to guarding the house against invasions. Once you replace any weak entry-points with upgraded windows and doors in Kitchener, you can create additional obstacles for people to get through:

  • Windows, solid doors and glass doors should have a variety of locks to keep them sealed from the outside.
  • Lock all of your entrances at night or when you leave the house, even if you are gone for five minutes.
  • If you want to have plants near the windows, pick thorny rosebushes that will keep strangers from climbing up to the sill.

Another way to protect your home is to install a home security system that will automatically sound off and inform the authorities. Dogs can also act as natural alarm systems because they can deter from strangers entering the home. Many other home owners could even opt to hang alarm window stickers and “beware of dog” signs, even if they do not have either.

Despite taking extra security measures, break-ins can still occur. Therefore, it’s good to be a part of a neighbourhood watch program because you can easily alert the block that burglars are targeting the area.  This may even help police catch the criminals who are responsible. Victims also need emotional support to get through it because break-ins create a sense of violation — it can take years for people to feel completely safe in their home after it’s been damaged or invaded. Your neighbours can be a great support system, offering words of comfort and helping you replace items that were lost.

In the end, these tips will help secure your home and provide better peace of mind when leaving your home for just a day or going on vacation.


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