Growing Trends In Windows And Doors

As energy efficiency reduces the cost of installing additional windows and doors in homes, the construction industry has been seeing a number of changes in the way they source, design, and value entryways and windows. Since we are at the front line of supplying windows and doors to builders and developers across Ontario, we wanted to outline some of the ways the industry is changing, how homebuyers’ tastes are evolving, and what you as a builder can do to stay ahead.

Trending: Energy Efficiency and Quality

You might say that quality is never just a trend, but in a study conducted earlier this year by ProBuilder, energy efficiency and quality remain the number one factors in a builder’s selection of windows and doors, and higher quality products remain the reason two-thirds of builders’ choose their manufacturer, leading ahead of both service and price.

More Windows per Home

The same study found that while most builders are keeping the same number of doors per home, about a quarter have increased the number of windows they are installing in new homes to 16-20, while one third have increased the size of windows. Many high-end and custom homebuyers are moving toward greater natural light and a desire to make the most of scenic views – both of which are made possible by more energy efficient windows that prevent heat loss in the winter and reduce cooling costs in the summer by reflecting UV rays. If you’re a builder using more or larger windows, or simply want to build homes that meet homebuyers’ growing energy efficiency expectations, find your local Golden Windows dealer and ask about our high-performance products.

Style Plus Performance

Golden Windows has always valued performance more than anything, which is why we’re an ISO-certified Kitchener window and door company, meaning that we have in place an internationally recognized quality management systems to guarantee that our products consistently deliver to a higher standard. Performance has always been an important motivating factor for builders and homebuyers looking for windows and doors but they are increasingly looking for more style options, including grilles, colour, brick mould, and decorative glass.

Seamless Inside/Outside Transitions

One of the biggest style developments going on in new housing right now, especially for custom luxury homes, is a newfound emphasis on backdoors where people want a seamless transition between the inside and the outside. If you have a beautiful yard or patio, especially one you frequently use to host, large windows and various styles of sliding glass doors open up your home to your beautiful outdoor space. Whether you’re aiming to create a more traditional look with wood and Victorian or colonial grilles or a more contemporary and unobstructed feeling, we at Golden Windows have the right entry way for your home.

Although recent reports have shown that housing starts in the GTA are down, there is still growth in many other Ontario cities like Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, London, and Ottawa. As a builder, you know where homebuyers want to go; now it’s your job to find the right place to buy the right materials. Visit one of our dealers in your area or one of our showrooms in Kitchener, Kanata, or London.


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