Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Home In The Winter

Helpful Tips For Maintaining Your Home In The Winter                                  

Wind, ice, snow and the persistent cold can cause plenty of issues to the interior and exterior of your Ontario property during the winter. To help your house survive the season, you will need to do routine inspections and maintenance to keep those pesky problem areas in check.

Checking On Your Windows

Your property’s windows are the common culprits for letting in drafts, especially during the coldest season of the year. In order to protect your indoors from freezing temperatures, you should take care of your windows — there are many window care and maintenance resources that you can use to keep them in optimal shape. At the bare minimum, you should try to winterize your windows by sealing every possible leak with caulking and weather-stripping to shield the house from drafts.

People often suggest easy hacks to keep the cold out like coating the window with plastic wrap, garbage bags and other materials. These hacks cover up the view of the window and are an unfortunate visual to have on display for months at a time. Another problem with these hacks is that they are temporary — if you are having cold air leaks coming through your windows, you will need to get high-quality replacements. You can replace your old drafty windows with the best Kitchener window options to improve your home’s insulation — if you need to, use the temporary solutions until the replacements are installed.

Checking On Your Doors

Entry doors are also one of the primary sources for cold drafts getting into your home during the winter. Much like your winter maintenance check with windows, you should be sure that all potential leaks are sealed with caulking and that the door is weather-stripped. Some people recommend putting a folded towel or roll of fabric along the doorway to stop air leaks, but this is a solution that doesn’t get to the root of the problem. If you actually want to use your entry doors to protect your home from the winter chill, you should replace your drafty doors with better quality ones. Consider GoldenClad Entry Systems which have options for panels made of insulating materials like steel or fiberglass — if you need product specifications you can get your contractor or renovator to browse through the website for more information. It’s fine to use a temporary solution like a homemade draft stopper when you are waiting for your new door installation. 

Other parts of the house that you should look at for winter inspections and maintenance:

  • If you have any trees in your front or backyard, you will need to keep an eye on them throughout the season because falling branches are common winter problems that can be dangerous and incredibly expensive. While you can’t prevent the branches falling because of severe winds or storms, you can stop them from breaking under the weight of heavy snow. When you clear tree branches, use a long-handled broom to carefully brush off the snow — under no circumstances should you ever shake the tree.
  • Add fiberglass insulation to your attic to prevent cold air from getting into the space and the rest of the house. Putting insulation will prevent a variety of winter problems like ice dams forming on top of your roof and cold air ruining the indoor temperature.
  • You should regularly shovel and de-ice your front entrance and walkway to prevent risky slips and falls for you and any guests visiting your house. Use environmentally-friendly alternatives to rock salt like sand, kitty litter or beet juice in order to break down the ice.

Doing routine inspections and maintenance for your home may sound like a lot of effort, but it’s important to keep your eye out for common seasonal problems. As long as you are attentive and proactive throughout the whole winter season, your property can move into a warmer spring unscathed.


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