How To Save Money and Stay Warm In Your London Home This Fall

The summer heat is fading which sadly means that you will soon be putting away the barbeque and covering up the swimming pool. But the loss of outdoor barbeques and pool parties is not your biggest problem: fall is just around the corner, which means that the temperature will be dropping faster than we would like. You might be all-too-familiar with the fact that when the temperature starts to drop, the costs of your hydro bills can rise.

There are many cost-saving techniques to avoid cranking up the heat in your London home this fall, but the most effective way to save money when the weather gets cool is to get energy-efficient windows and doors installed. Professionals understand the appeal of high-quality energy efficient products, which is why we have many builders and contractors as our clientele. The reason why professionals choose these types of windows and doors is that they can benefit their client’s home and their client’s bank account.

 At Golden Windows, we offer a variety of high-quality windows and doors that can keep the heat inside and save you money. We manufacture Energy Star windows which use Low-E coatings in order to moderate temperature inside your home during the warmer and colder months. Our windows and our doors are well insulated and use low-emissivity glass to prevent heat from escaping. We also use Warm Edge Technology (W.E.T) spacers for our windows. Warm Edge Technology is a spacer bar/system that has a more effective thermal performance than a highly conductive spacer bar. As a precaution, we have performed thousands of physical/thermal simulations to test our products, because we want to guarantee that builders use the best resources and that their clients get the best results.


Energy efficient replacement products prevent homeowners from blasting the heat to compensate for the cold weather, which will cut their hydro bills and keep their money in their wallet where it belongs. Energy efficient windows and doors will last you for more than the fall season — they are investments that you will reap the benefits from for years to come.


An added perk to getting new windows in London ON is that you can improve the value of your home, which is ideal if you are thinking of selling your home. If you are selling your home soon or in the future, high-quality windows will increase the resale value of your property. The superior quality of the windows will also make your house look its best, especially since windows and doors are the first elements of the home that buyers will see. Our products will add curb appeal and will definitely make your property a hot commodity.

Instead of blasting the heat and pushing your hydro bills to the limit, get energy efficient windows and save your money in the long run. With the help of Golden Windows, it is easy to invest in your London home and stay warm for this fall season.  




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