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Windows should match your interior design plan so that all of the elements of your home are harmonized. To help you avoid windows that clash with your property’s style, here is a brief list of options that could suit your particular vision.

Seasoned experts at Golden Windows are accustomed to helping homeowners find the right window material, shapes and colour to match their personal style. If you are looking for some inspiration, visit the Golden Windows online gallery to see some of our residential installations. You can also visit our showrooms in Kitchener, London or Ottawa to have a look at our displays in person.

If you aren’t sure what style of window you are looking for, here are some examples of interior design themes and the windows that can work with them.



This interior design is inspired by the simple but cozy atmospheres of lakeside cottages, log homes and farmhouses. Rustic homes are usually filled with wooden furniture that is often hand-made, repurposed or recycled, so that it looks beautiful but well-used. The furniture tends to be draped with checkered linens and knit blankets, then decorated with lanterns and mason jars to emphasize comfort and charm. If you want to find windows to match with a rustic interior design, you can choose the GoldenWood Double-Hung Window with a Muskoka grille pattern. To decorate the windows, you can place painted wooden shutters along the sides or hang short printed curtains.



This interior design is favoured by people who want the inside of their house to look modern and chic. The look is achieved through sleek furniture, expanded space, and metallic or glassy surfaces — the minimalist style is entirely based on the idea that less is more. If you want to find windows that suit this interior design, you should get large picture windows with no additional frills. A GoldenClad or GoldenVinyl frame will match the style better than a picture window with a wooden frame. If you need to cover the expansive windows, choose long monochromatic curtains or slick roman shades.



The modern style is a throwback to the popular designs between the 1920s and 1950s — it focuses heavily on bright accent colours, interesting shapes, defined angles and unique patterns. The best window choices that will highlight the modern style are architectural windows in bold geometric shapes. Large casement, hung and picture windows will also be excellent fits — these can be decorated with curtains in a daring pattern or colour like tangerine or mint green.



This style focuses on the grand and romantic designs of Victorian Gothic homes — it’s typically recreated through bold colours, rich textures, vintage furniture and intricate details in every corner of the room. If you want to find windows that suit this particular form of interior design, you should get architectural and picture replacements in beautiful shapes — ideally, gothic and extended gothic will be the best matches. Another way that you can add extravagance to certain rooms is to have a sweeping bay or bow window installed. When it comes to window treatments, delicate lace or thick velvet curtains will fit the gothic style.

Windows can accommodate plenty of other interior design styles and themes like industrial, Scandinavian, contemporary, bohemian and coastal. Reliable experts can help you find the best windows and frames to meet your tastes — find your local Golden Windows showroom and plan a visit to see all of the possibilities available.

When one important element of a room clashes with the rest of the elements, it upsets the entire space — even a single window has the power to distort the interior design. With the right window choices, you can strategically match your specific interior design style and have a room that looks perfectly composed.


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