Hung Windows Are A Great Investment

Hung and double hung windows have been used in homes for centuries and contemporary versions are still popular options in homes. If you need replacement windows for a traditional home, you can find all the materials you need at Golden Windows to maintain the integrity of your house. Hung and double hung windows are also cost effective and efficient solutions for new construction as well, and there are plenty of compelling reasons to install them in your home.

#1 Cleaning – Hung windows offer the unique option of cleaning them on the inside. By unclasping them, you can rotate the panels onto their sides, allowing you to clean both sides with ease. Don’t worry about climbing up a ladder every spring just to get the gunk and water-stains off of the glass, or (more likely) having to live with film or dirt on the exterior of the glass because you can’t reach it.

#2 Ventilation – Hung windows open up wide and let the breeze in during the spring or summer, but double hung windows are even better. There’s a reason they became a traditional window style widely used before the invention of air conditioning and it’s because they naturally improve air flow and help cool down a home. When you open both the top and bottom sashes, warm air that’s been circulating inside your home escapes without interfering with the cool outside air coming in through the bottom.

#3 Options – Hung windows give you options, including grille options and all common frame materials. When you buy with Golden Windows, we offer Muskoka, Colonial, Victorian, and custom grilles for you to choose from. You can also pick the frame that makes the most sense; vinyl is a great, durable, affordable choice for modern homes, whereas wood-clad frames will fit an older or traditional home. All you have to do is call us or send us a message online and we can answer all of your questions about custom options.

#4 Energy Efficiency – Energy efficient technologies like Low-emissivity coatings and argon gas are easy to implement in hung and double hung windows. Low-emissivity glass is designed to prevent heat transfer at the window without blocking sunshine from entering into your home, unlike heavy curtains. If privacy isn’t a concern, you can go curtain-free for an open, modern feel in your kitchen or living room.

If you’re renovating your home and thinking about replacing casement windows with hung, or vice-versa, it’s a simple switch. Stop by Golden Windows and someone will help you find the right size to fit your home. We also offer professional installation, so you don’t need to hire a contractor – just make sure you do get a professional to install any new windows, as they need to fit perfectly. You can wind up with an uncomfortable, drafty home if your windows are not installed properly, not to mention you run the risk of moisture and exposure to the elements. Always go with the professionals when it comes to something as important as your home.


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