Is This Decor Right For Your Home?

Any time you upgrade a home feature, you want it to fit with the rest of your interior design. If it doesn’t blend perfectly with the rest of the house it will stand out like a sore thumb. If you are a fan of Scandinavian home décor, follow these tips for picking out the right windows and doors to go with your sense of style.

If you are unaware of the style, Scandinavian design is a movement that was popularized in countries like Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway before inspiring homeowners in North America. The style is known for being simple, minimalist and easy enough for anyone to replicate in their living space. The main elements of Scandinavian design point to the motto that a little bit can go a long way — think of highly functional furniture, airy rooms, natural materials and limited décor to avoid overwhelming the eye. People who currently have this interior design or who want to create it should read this to find out how they can get new windows and doors that fit with the theme.

One of the essentials of Scandinavian décor is natural light brought in by lots of windows and encouraged by white walls and ceilings — white paint helps reflect the sunlight around the room, making the space look bigger and brighter. The style asks for homeowners to forego heavy drapes or curtains and opt to leave them uncovered for the most part. If you want some privacy, you can use sheer curtains that will filter in the sunlight and stay on theme. You can get beautiful vinyl windows in Kitchener and London that help you achieve the Scandinavian interior design. Find large casement or picture windows that have a simple grille, if any at all, to have a spacious and clean surface. As a window manufacturer in Kitchener and London, you can choose between different lines to find the frame that appeals to you — a white GoldenVinyl frame will fit with the neutral colour-scheme, while a GoldenWood frame will reflect the interior design’s love of natural materials.

Since Scandinavian décor depends on natural light, you should make sure that your new doors can bring in as much sunshine as your windows. You can browse through our door collection to find versions of elegant sliding patio doors and terrace doors that will give you an incredible view outside and coax plenty of sunlight into the attached room for the entire year. Much like the window frames, you can choose ones that perfectly match the colour-scheme or that emphasize the natural appeal of wood. The GoldenVinyl series sliding patio doors have exteriors and interiors that come in the standard colour Golden White, which will go well with the crisp and clean design. The GoldenWood series sliding patio door has the option for pine for its interior and exterior frames. The GoldenWood series terrace doors have even more possibilities with finger jointed pine, clear pine, clear oak and clear mahogany. If you have any questions or concerns about these glass back entrances, you can go to the source for new doors in London Ontario by visiting the local showroom and talking to a professional representative.

The reason why Scandinavian style demands so many windows and clear doors is that the Nordic countries have to endure winters that are often long, dark and dreary. A house that cuts-off natural light will feel cramped and gloomy, and make the winter feel that much longer. By having lots of glass, they can capitalize on the hours of sunlight and get the coldest season to feel a little warmer. Think about switching to this type of interior design because it is easy, beautiful and it will come in handy during the chillier times of the year. 


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