Keeping Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

Keeping Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning


Though it’s been a wet and rainy spring in Canada this year, the long hot days of summer have finally arrived, and dealing with the sweltering days will be as simple as flipping a switch and turning on air conditioners or climate control systems.


However, there are plenty of reasons not to use air conditioning, or at least to minimize your consumption. It’s not uncommon to feel that air conditioned rooms are simply too cold, and if you find yourself shivering or reaching for a sweater in the middle of August, it’s a good sign that you might just be someone who would be happier going AC-free. You can get pretty sick of the low indoor temperatures after a trip to the mall, the movie theatre, the grocery store, or just a day at the office, especially on those days when it’s not even that hot out. To top it all off, cooling uses more energy than heating, yet another reason why more consumers are switching their units off.

So, what are you supposed to do to keep your home comfortable in the summer without turning on your AC unit?


#1 Cook Outside

It’s time to get grilling; cooking indoors can create stifling conditions, and you have probably already forbidden yourself from turning the oven on during those dog days of summer. Instead of relying on take-out all the time, start using the barbeque regularly.


#2 Cross-Breezes

At night, crack your windows open and use fans to create a cross breeze that will let hot air evacuate your home, making room for cooler night air. Double hung windows are great at doing this; by opening the top sash, you give hot air an escape route, while cool air comes in through the bottom. Check out double hung windows at our Kitchener showroom, London showroom, Kanata showroom, or on our website.


#3 Bathroom Fans

Let your bathroom fans or ventilation systems run long after you’re finished showering to suck out all of the hot air and steam created by your morning routine. Do this when you cook inside, too, as your home ventilation system is designed to dispose of stale, hot air. This also helps reduce odours and mold, so it should become a regular practice.


#4 Energy Efficient Windows

One of the smartest ways you can keep your cool without air conditioning is to install energy efficient windows, something we specialize in at Golden Windows. Homeowners talk to us about installing energy efficient windows homeowners turn to when they decide that they’ve had enough of paying out the nose for hydro.


You’d be forgiven for thinking that energy efficient windows and doors were only meant to help keep your home warm through the cold months of winter. They do a great job of that, but Low-E glass used in Golden Windows products also helps keep your home cool in the summer, too. The “solar spectrum” can be divided into three types of light: UV, visible, and infrared, each of which exists on a different wavelength. UV light is what causes wood and fabrics to fade when placed in direct sunlight while infrared is what transmits heat. Low-E coatings are designed to minimize the UV and infrared light that passes through the glass without interfering with visible light. Low E-glass absorbs heat energy and then radiates it, which causes heat transfer in both winter and summer. Low-E (which stands for Low Emissivity) glass reduces that radiant energy, so you get all of the light without the scorching heat.


Whether you’re looking for new windows in London Ontario, building a home in Kanata, or replacing older windows in Kitchener, we have the solution for you. Stop reaching for the thermostat and start enjoying lower hydro bills and a more comfortable home.


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