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Whether you have a child on the way or your little one is just starting to crawl, you should think about childproofing your home. Windows and entry doors are essential spots that you need to cover to keep your children safe.



Toddlers will quickly learn how to use doorknobs and handles, which means they can open the entrance doors when you aren’t looking to run into the street or explore the pool in the backyard. One of the best fail-safes that you can have is multipoint lock systems that will be too much of a struggle for children to open or too high up for them to reach. These solutions are offered by Golden Windows, located in Kitchener, London and Ottawa. You can browse through our collection of doors to see what hardware options you can have installed with front and back entrances — choose between multi-point lock sets that come with standard handles or grips. It would be wise to include an additional deadbolt or chain lock high up on the panels to prevent taller children from getting through the door. There are also specialized child door locks that you can place over knobs, handles and grips to make it too difficult for them to be opened by inquisitive kids — organizations like Family and Children’s Services recommend that parents put these on any doors that cover exits.

Here are some more suggestions on how to childproof your doors for their safety and your peace of mind:

  • If you are more interested in having sliding patio doors instead of standard doors, you can get an accessory like a footbolt as an extra hindrance.
  • Install entrance door alarms to buzz or ring whenever they are opened.
  • To prevent injured fingers from getting caught or hit by heavy doors, use pinch guards and door stops.



Parents need to be careful about their windows because children can open them, climb up to the ledge and fall. If you need to replace your windows, choose options that will be difficult to open and out of reach for small children. Double-hung windows are an excellent style because their top sash can let in a cool breeze, while their bottom sash can be completely sealed and locked. If air circulation is not a major priority, pick fixed style windows that cannot be opened. For the top floor of the house, use Velux skylights  to filter in natural light and refreshing air. All of these sensible window options are available at your experienced window manufacturer in Kitchener, London or Ottawa — they will help you find the right fit for your home’s interior design and for your budget.

Here are a number of other suggestions to keep your children safe when it comes to your windows:

  • Much like door stops and child locks, window guards should be on your childproofing checklist to prevent kids from opening up the windows and climbing up to the ledges.
  • Avoid using window treatments that can potentially harm infants and small children. For instance, window blind cords can be very dangerous because kids can accidentally strangle themselves — there have been incidents that have led to hospitalization and fatality in the past.
  • If you are getting new windows, make sure that they have multi-point locking systems to act as necessary obstacles — you can call us for more information to find out about the hardware used for windows and how to use it properly.

Children are naturally curious, and they often see risky areas as challenges that they need to test, even after you have warned them against it. This is why parents need to be two steps ahead of them and have all of these precautions set up, just in case. 


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