Clear Out the Old and Make Room for New Windows and Doors in Your Home

As winter turns to spring, Canadians are getting excited about the warm weather, breezy days, and later sunsets that come with the warmer months. It’s a time to get your hands dirty in preparation for patio season, and we often have plenty of tasks on our to-do lists to get ready for spring. Gutters need to be cleaned, cracks in foundation need to be filled, windows need to be examined, junk needs to get recycled, and it’s time to inspect the air conditioning, outdoor lights, and water supply.

What better way to create the ideal breezy spring feeling than by installing new windows and doors that bring more light into your home? As high-quality window and door manufacturers, designers, and installers, at Golden Windows, we install windows and doors that meet a variety of needs.

Maybe you’re looking for sliding patio doors that open and close easily, insulate well, and have great safety features. Maybe you’re looking for a new front door and have been looking around for Ottawa door providers, Kitchener doors providers, and others in the surrounding Southern Ontario region. We provide high quality windows and doors in Kitchener and beyond, and our team is always willing to offer consultations for anyone who wants a professional opinion on window or door upgrades.


Make Your Door Stand Out

If you could have any door to your home, what would it be? Is there a wall that you dream of one day opening up to the outdoors by installing sliding patio doors, terrace doors, or French doors? To start planning your renovation, check out our recent door promotions to see what sales are current and for the contact information of one of the Golden Windows showrooms in London, Kitchener, or Ottawa.

Take into consideration which direction (north, east, south, or west) your door is facing and what type of elements you can expect it to endure. You want to install something that will allow you to open up your home to warm weather, but it needs to be able to insulate and last through Canadian winters, too. As this article continues, we’ll outline how you can prepare for a successful spring clean and the best window and door maintenance techniques to protect the investment you’ve made in getting quality windows and doors.


How Was the Winter?

The realities of Canadian winter mean that sometimes you have to make some minor repairs throughout the home once the weather starts to turn. On the one hand, it’s good to know what fixtures in the home aren’t working. The high winds and low temperatures of the winter months could bring an insulation problem, for example, to your attention and allow you to tackle the issue. Your older windows and doors are especially prone to weather erosion since changes in humidity and temperature can cause expansion, warping, or leaks.

How do you know if you’re coming out of the winter with a window or door malfunction that needs to be resolved? A window installation can completely revamp the look of your home. What’s more, it’s one of the home renovations with the highest return-on-investment when it comes to boosting your home’s value. With that in mind, here are some of the signs that it’s time to replace your windows and doors.

  • You can hear the problem. If your windows are whistling or rattling in the wind, then they’re not efficient. Unstable windows don’t provide a proper seal from the outdoors, meaning your home is prone to drafts or leaks. One of the benefits of new windows is an improved resistance to sound. Not only will new windows solve your draft problem, you’ll also have a quieter and more peaceful house.


  • Your windows are damaged, broken, or warped. Maybe the problem is fully visible, front and centre, with a broken window pane or a warped window frame. Moisture, in particular, is a deadly culprit for window issues. If you’re noticing any moisture damage like mold or staining around your windows or between the panes, that’s a sign that your windows are not in the best condition.


  • They’re hard to use. Problems opening and closing your windows mean that you have an issue with the tracks and the frame. If you can hardly move or use your windows, then it’s time for a replacement. Your windows need to be functional in order to provide proper ventilation through your home. Windows that don’t open or close properly pose a safety risk — you wouldn’t be able to open a window in case of emergency and broken or missing locks leave you vulnerable to intruders.


  • Your heating bill is too high. An abnormally high heating bill is often a symptom of inefficient windows that aren’t doing their job insulating your home. If your furnace is working overtime and you’re stuck with a hefty bill, consider upgrading your windows to a modern model that promises better insulation and overall improved energy efficiency.

Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

How much effort does it take to tidy up your home regularly? You might have a weekly ritual that takes a couple of hours where you cover the basics — floors, washrooms, counters, the usual. But spring cleaning is an opportunity to really get into the nooks and crannies of your home and clean away the dust and dirt that’s been collecting through the winter. Especially with regards to the windows and door entry systems in your home, good cleaning is part of a regular maintenance regimen that will keep your fixtures in good shape for years and years to come.

Giving your home a top-to-bottom cleaning is no easy feat. And if you want to do a good job it’s a good idea to have a plan in place and strategize how you’re going to tackle this major project. Perhaps it’s a good idea to gather your family and delegate tasks, or come up with a weekly schedule that allows you to break the cleaning up into different days.

No matter how you want to approach this revitalizing process for your home and no matter what you have to clean, it’s possible to hit every major trouble area. Here’s a checklist that you can use to guide you as you clean your way to a fresh and inviting home this spring.


  • Stainless Steel Surfaces: Fingerprints and any sort of kitchen mess take away from the sleek, clean look and feel of stainless steel. To clean these surfaces well, it’s best to use a specialty spray designed for stainless steel with a soft microfiber cloth. For an at-home DIY cleaning solution, mix one teaspoon of dish detergent with one quart hot tap water.


  • Wooden Floors: Wood floors give a lovely warmth and sense of comfort to a home. While you probably give these a clean as part of your regular routine, you do need to exercise caution with how you treat your floors. Stay away from overly wet cleaning processes like mopping. Use a hardwood floor cleaning product and a gentle cleaning device that won’t scratch your floors.


  • Spruce Up Patio Furniture: You can already feel the warmth in the air and with spring quickly approaching, you want to get your outdoor furnishings ready for relaxing. Give your patio furniture a wipe down with warm soapy water using a soft cloth and wrap up by hosing everything off outdoors. As you can imagine, this process is best suited for when the warmer weather is already underway.


  • Bookshelf Revitalization: What booklover doesn’t welcome the opportunity to rearrange and organize their collection? As a part of your spring cleaning, sort your books and get rid of any unnecessary dusty jackets (as long as it isn’t valuable to the book) and give your shelves a good dusting. Arrange your books both horizontally and vertically for a nice, rhythmic pattern.


  • Lubricate Sticky Door Hinges: No one likes the sound of a squeaky door, yet over time and with years of usage, it’s only natural that door hinges accumulate grime and dirt. When this happens, the metal of the hinge wears down, starts to rust, and starts squeaking. As part of your spring clean, clean and lubricate the hinges of your doors (with particular attention to outdoor entryways) to get rid of the squeaking sound and protect your investment.


  • Tiled Surfaces: Make your tiled surfaces shine again with a cleaning product that promises a “neutral pH.” Especially since the winter months usually mean less ventilation in a home and some humidity buildup, this is an important area to hit when revamping your home. For a make-it-yourself cleaning product, you can mix baking soda and water: mix ½ cup of baking soda into two gallons of water, mix well, and apply with a sponge or string mop.


  • Textiles and Upholstery: Use a vacuum to get into your rugs, upholstered furniture, and even the surfaces of the mattresses in your home. With the better weather and longer sunlight that comes with the warmer months, consider the placement of your textiles in relation to your windows. High quality windows protect against UV rays, so if your flooring or rugs are fading, this could be something to think about when considering a window upgrade.


  • Clean Your Windows: What’s important for planning this task is knowing that you must wipe down both the inside and the outside of your windows. Clean your windows well to improve their efficiency and reduce chances of damage or erosion. Ideally, you can set aside a time with accommodating weather that lets you remove your screens for cleaning, too.

Garage Doors

Have you been giving your garage door any thought during the winter? Garage doors are meant to be sturdy, so we might not give them much thought until there’s an issue with the tracks or damage to the door. It’s important to regularly clean your garage door to keep it in good condition. The good news is that it’s not difficult to take good care of your garage doors, it’s very similar to cleaning a car.

To clean your doors, you should use a liquid product for car washing and waxing and apply it with the same type of washing mitt you’d use for a car. Stay away from abrasive cleaners that could cause damage or delaminating to your doors. Steel doors, too, can get their shine back with the type of cleaning process that involves a car wax product. Once you’re done with the cleaning, then you can rinse off the surface of your doors with a gentle spray from the hose.


On the Doors: Weatherstripping and Hardware

As part of your spring cleaning duties, keep your garage doors in good working condition and protect them from damage by cleaning the exterior weatherstripping and hardware with care. You need to clean the weatherstripping with a reliable all-purpose cleaner and you must use a silicone-based lubricant on the weatherstripping every two to three months. Stay away from petroleum-based lubricants for weatherstripping, they will cause this important piece of insulation to dry up and crack.

You also need to lubricate the tracks, rollers, and hinges of your garage doors. When your garage door is maintained and working well, you can open and close it easily as you go about your spring and summer routine of working on the car or tidying up the lawn. Use motor oil to lubricate the hardware of your garage doors and wipe off any excess with a cloth. You can apply the same oil to the springs, just use a cloth to do it. In doing this, you prolong the life of the springs (and, by extension, your doors) and you reduce any excess noise.


New Door Installation

Professionals that are looking to source their door renovation projects have a lot in common with homeowners who are looking to replace their doors. Both parties want to know that the provider they choose can promise quality and long-term support through every stage of the installation and beyond.

Whether you’re replacing a faulty door with something more durable and stylish or whether you’re opening up a totally new entryway to install new terrace or French doors, choosing to install modern doors is a decision you’ll be happy with for years to come.

New windows and doors promise better energy efficiency, better resistance to the weather, and they look good and increase the pride you feel for your home. If any of this sounds like something you need, don’t delay and get in touch with a trustworthy window and door retailer and installer today.


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