Premium Windows Change Homes and Buildings for the Better

Whether you’re a builder looking for the perfect windows to complete your project, or the owner of a home or business that needs aesthetic and efficiency upgrades, there are a few things you should be keeping in mind to find the ideal products. Many people rely on generic household merchandise because the sheer variety in size, colour, finish, hardware, and, most importantly, the technicalities of efficiency performance can prove a lot to research. Instead of fretting over each possible variation in style, keep some perspective with the following tips.

Quality is Everything

As a buyer, you should remember that you’re never only buying a single item, but also purchasing the resources, time, labour, and others costs that have gone into making that item. It’s crucially important to realize that generic or lower-quality windows are not only made with inferior materials but also designed with less detailed engineering over a shorter period of time. A lower quality window, produced en masse for routine installation in each unit of a housing development, is less likely to minimize heat transfer, exceed performance standards, and function properly for its entire lifespan. 

When you buy a premium window that comes with a performance guarantee, however, you are buying the expertise of local Canadian engineers and designers who collaborate to make the product the best it can possibly be. Our philosophy of continuous improvement and our commitment to minimizing waste for environmental reasons are part of the reason we insist on creating only the best quality windows and doors with the most efficient and detailed processes. 

Use the Resources

Part of the reason we go to certain lengths to provide professionals such as builders, renovators, architects and designers with performance details and product information is because we believe that the more information and resources one has access to, the better each project will be. Knowing the exact measurements, treatments, and materials used in each product means that every individual is able to plan out the specificities of their renovation or building project. Awning and hung windows, for example, provide better ventilation in more extreme weather conditions, so if you know you’re renovating for a humid Ontario summer, they can be a great choice.


Follow the Pros

The best part about our performance goals here at Golden Windows is that if they don’t match your expectations, we’ll do everything we can to help. Our installation experts have been working with our products for years, and ensure a leak-free, completely sealed, perfect fit. Our residential warranty covers the cost of our premium products for as long as we believe they are meant to last, ensuring that you can enjoy trouble-free energy efficiency for years. Finally, our building and renovating partners all over Canada and the U.S. can attest to our punctual and proficient delivery times, which helped us earn an ISO 9001 certification.


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