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The bathroom can be a difficult area to renovate because you will want to establish your sense of style while keeping the changes practical. If you want to end up with a makeover that feels fashionable and functional, follow these handy tips for revamping your bathroom windows. 


1.  Take Moisture Into Account

Hot running water from showers, baths and sinks will condense a lot of humidity into one room. Common moisture problems in bathrooms include mold growth, water stains, peeling paint, loose floor tiles and musty odors coming off of items like carpeting, towels and curtains. Other significant symptoms of excessive moisture are condensation on windows and rotting or damaged frames. If your bathroom windows are showing these warning signs, you should consider getting high-quality replacement windows. Ideally, you should pick styles that create air flow to decrease levels of humidity and moisture build-up. There are a lot of window styles to choose from, such as double-hung, single-hung, casement, awning and slider windows. Fixed picture windows are not recommended in a bathroom space, as there will be no means for air flow. You can visit the Golden Windows showrooms to see what vinyl windows fit your budget and taste. 


 2.  Privacy Is Always Key

While there are times that people want their windows and doors to be bright and transparent, there are also circumstances when having a clear view inside is not the desired result — bathrooms are one of those rooms that need the brilliance of natural light, but plenty of privacy from neighbours. For a helpful compromise, you can order windows made with decorative obscure glass to filter in sunlight while acting as a private screen. If you don’t want to have obscure glass windows, there are a number of ways to add privacy with window treatments — depending on your personal taste, you can use curtains, drapes, blinds, shades or window films to shield the space from the outside.

Again, moisture is a major factor to consider when revamping your bathroom, so look for window treatments that can withstand the conditions. Blinds and shades made of materials like PVC, vinyl, fake wood or bamboo work well in humid conditions and are easy to clean. If you really want to use curtains or drapes, don’t pick heavier fabrics like velvet or silk — they will hold in more moisture, creating mildew and mold in a short amount of time. This is why the most popular bathroom curtains are made with lightweight fabrics that will dry quickly in humid areas like cotton, voile, linen, lace or polyester.

3.  Use Them As An Excuse For Extra Storage

Bold bay, bow and picture windows are sometimes accompanied by window seats in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms — you can copy this clever design idea and bring it into your bathroom. A window seat is one of the recommended tips for creating a posh bathroom by the magazine Style At Home because it will make for a lovely sitting area and a convenient storage unit for items like folded towels, toiletries, cleaning products or dirty laundry. If the space is not large enough for an expansive style like bay or bow windows, try taller casement or double-hung windows.


If you follow these revamping tips, you will have a bathroom with windows that can decrease moisture build-up, give you some privacy from prying eyes and offer up a space for storage. Your bathroom can be a space of convenience and comfort so that you can take showers and brush your teeth without worry.


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