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People love heading to the cottage during the summer months to take in the gorgeous views of nature and soak up the sunshine. If you are one of those people, you should think about adding a sunroom to your cottage so that you can enjoy the surrounding views, even when you’re indoors.

Drop Window Treatments

Losing the window treatments is considered one of the best decorating ideas to wake up your cottage by the design experts at House & Home, who believe that the captivating views of the great Canadian outdoors and the natural light shouldn’t be hidden behind a pair of curtains. Although this may not optimal for owners who want to retain some sense of privacy with their bedrooms and bathrooms, you can find a clever compromise by keeping your personal rooms away from view and filtering in plenty of sunshine by creating a cottage sunroom. 

Install Oversized Windows

Your sunroom should maximize its view by installing new windows and doors from corner to corner — using tall and wide sizes to coax as much natural light inside as you possibly can. The most popular choices for bright sunrooms are picture windows that crest the ceiling because they offer a clear uninterrupted view of the outdoors.  Other styles such casement or hung windows can also be utilized to bring in the fresh air. To add some interesting décor, you can make the main windows a little smaller and crown them with architectural windows. You can call your local window company in Ottawa to see what unique shapes are available for you to choose from like arches, half-rounds, quarter-rounds, gothics, ellipticals and segmentals.

Choose Door Styles That Let Light In

You can also ask about the selection of doors that can provide crisp and clear views of the magnificent scenery, while also expertly insulating the area from chilly temperatures. Here at Golden Windows, we have terrace doors and sliding patio doors that are designed and built with energy-efficient features for premium thermal retention. Any style of door that Golden Windows has to offer will be strong choices for bringing natural light into the sunroom. If you prefer convenience and contemporary style, then you should think about sliding patio doors. If you are drawn to classical and traditional designs, terrace doors are more suited for your taste.  Make sure to choose new windows and glass doors that suit the interior design for the rest of your cottage. For instance, if you describe your design influence as Muskoka cottage décor or Canadiana, then you should focus on rich GoldenWood® frames that match the rustic and natural atmosphere. In addition to the wood frame, you can even pick Muskoka grille patterns for your windows. If you describe your interior design as more contemporary and chic, design experts recommend that your cottage-style sunroom have a soft colour palette. You can choose GoldenClad® or GoldenVinyl® frames in clean white or bold black shades. Other items like window treatments, furniture and artwork can help bring out the overall theme of the room.

A big sunroom will be a beautiful space that you and your family will appreciate all summer long. When the weather is nice, you can read and lounge in the space and soak up all of the brilliant sunshine. If it’s storming outside, you can stay dry inside and watch the rain drip down the windows and lightning sparks the sky. Rain or shine, your revamped cottage space will come in handy when you need to sit back and relax.


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