The Window Solutions That You Need

Window renovations are more difficult to plan in certain rooms and spaces like attics, bathrooms and raised basements. You need to take elements like window size, style, placement and moisture-resistance into consideration when planning your build or renovation. If you want to know what installations will work best for the trickiest spots in a house, read these helpful tips.



What makes this area a tricky spot for windows is that the average house has a gable roof, meaning that the attic’s walls are sloped or tilted. When choosing windows for attic spaces, it’s important to take that unique structure into account and select styles that can adapt to weather conditions — while other windows around the house will be relatively untouched by storms, attic windows will not be shielded from falling rain and snow. You can visit our local showroom to view the selection of fixed windows and awning windows, which are two styles that will prevent precipitation from getting into the attic. Fixed windows will leave no opening and awning windows have upward-hinging surfaces that will angle rain and snow away from the entrance. Other popular options are skylights if you would rather have windows in a higher position on the roof. Homeowners can avoid skylight problems by having them properly installed — trained professionals will help ensure that the surfaces are watertight and redirect any rain or snow. When it comes to skylights and attic windows, moisture leaks can lead to some unfortunate damages. 


Raised Basement:

A raised basement tends to have minimal space for windows, but there are certain techniques that can make the area feel less dark and dim. The window sizes will most likely need to be small because of the limited space above the ground level, so expansive designs are not ideal. You can squeeze in a series of small windows to bring more sunlight into the room without taking up too much space. You can also pick architectural window shapes from Golden Windows to create a unique look and to make up for constraints with size and placement.



Bathrooms can be tricky areas to replace windows for a number of reasons — they are usually smaller than other spaces in the house, require privacy and deal with a lot of moisture. Since the room should afford residents more privacy, large and expansive windows are not the best choice — if the homeowner desperately wants a larger window, Golden Windows offers the option to have obscure glass that will conceal the room from view. It’s also clever to transform your bathroom with skylights or to place windows high up on the wall — these options will bring in lots of brilliant natural light without putting the entire space on display.

When choosing windows for bathrooms, it’s wise to consider the problems that arise from the prevalence of moisture, which is caused by trapped steam and window condensation. The excessive moisture can seem like a small annoyance that creates foggy window surfaces, but it can also lead to much larger damages like black mold growth and wood rot. Bathroom windows should provide ventilation and air circulation so moisture can escape before it seeps into window frames, walls and fabrics.

Beautiful windows shouldn’t be reserved for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens — each room deserves to have its own view of the great outdoors. Even if the room is more challenging because of its angled shape, lack of privacy or its limited space, it can still have a new set of windows. If you follow these special suggestions, every corner of your home can be filled with fresh air and sunshine.


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