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The garage doesn’t have to be treated as an after-thought where you shove all of the stuff that doesn’t fit in your home. Garages offer incredible real estate — it provides shelter for parking, additional storage and has the potential to be another usable space. You can take advantage of this real estate perk by following these simple suggestions.


Deal With The Mess

It’s easy to think of the garage as a space to store all of your unwanted items and boxes of junk. This is inconvenient for your daily activities and it can affect your curb appeal if you’re not careful — if someone spots you opening the garage door and sees a chaotic mess, they may have a poor impression for the rest of your home. You should clear your schedule for a weekend and organize your garage by looking through all of the items, so you can determine if you really need them or if they can be thrown away. Put things like holiday decorations and childhood toys in matching bins and use cabinets to deal with smaller necessities.


Upgrade The Entrances

If you want to boost the look and the value of your house, you should look to professional window and door installation services, like Golden Windows for wonderful replacements — the same can be said for your garage and its various entrances. When it comes to windows, it’s likely that you will want compact designs that will let in fresh air, without displaying everything that’s inside. Convenient choices would be awning windows or horizontal slider windows, which offer practicality and ease. If you’re looking for more decoration than ventilation, you should think about getting architectural windows in interesting shapes like ellipticals, segmental and half-rounds. You can browse through the options for new windows in Kitchener on the Golden Windows website or in the local showroom, so you can see what works best for the size of your garage and for your renovation budget. The showroom for windows and custom doors in Kitchener is not the only location that you can visit — you can browse through custom windows in London, Ontario or in Ottawa if those are closer to you. It’s good to know that this is not just a source for replacement windows in London Ontario and other provincial locations, it can also help you replace garage door frames with upgraded wood brickmould or cellular PVC versions.


Protect It From Graffiti:

It’s possible that no one will walk up to your garage and spray-paint a tag, message or drawing on the door, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can apply anti-graffiti coatings that can form a protective film on the garage door, making it impossible for spray-paint to adhere to the surface. If the space is vandalized, you can easily remove the graffiti and the coating together with no damage to the actual door. Another great tip for graffiti prevention is to choose a darker shade for the garage door because vandals will need surfaces where their tags and messages will be visible. 


Give Your Garage A New Purpose:

You can use your garage to protect your car from the endless piles of snow during the winter, but it also has the potential for other amazing activities. Homeowners are making innovative garage transformations by clearing out their all of their junk and repurposing the area into personal gyms, art studios, handy workshops and even living spaces. If organizing the clutter and fixing up its exterior isn’t enough, you can always find a way to mold the building to suit your hobbies and interests. 

All of these simple changes will give your garage a quick boost in value and curb appeal. It doesn’t have to feel like a simple add-on to the property or a cluttered storage unit, it can be an impressive and appreciated part of your home.


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