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Autumn is the opportune time for you to weatherproof your windows and block out the cold before the snow starts to fall. This chore will save you money, shrink your energy consumption and keep the rooms in your house comfortable even when the weather outside is grim. 

Caulking your windows is one of the jobs that save you money and energy because it will block air leaks from getting into the home — during the fall and winter, drafts will make you use more heating to deal with the cold. Sealing the gaps will regulate the indoor temperature and will make your family depend less on their thermostat. Another reason why it saves you money is that caulking prevents moisture from leaking inside, which can cause damages like wood rot or mould growth. It’s a precautionary task that will help you from emptying your wallet for high hydro costs, home repairs and mould removal.

The first thing you should do when you decide to apply caulk to your windows is get rid of the old caulking using a utility knife and then wiping down the area until it is clear of any type of debris. Then you can use a caulking gun to slowly push the contents along the visible gaps and cracks. To get a proper seal and a professional look, you will want to smooth down the bead to make a clean line. When you use a water or silicone-based caulking, you can use your finger after dipping it with soapy water.

Milder temperatures are ideal when caulking your windows because it can be difficult to properly apply the sealant when it is extremely hot or cold outside. It is possible to apply caulk in cold weather but it will take a lot more effort to make sure the process goes well — you will need to pick a specific cold weather caulk with a rubber or silicone base and warm the tube so that the contents can come out easily. You will also need to clear the window areas of any moisture or ice, otherwise, the sealant won’t adhere properly.

If you have caulked the area and you notice that the cold air is still creeping through, it may be the age or quality of your windows that are the problem. As a solution, you can get energy-efficient replacement windows to stop any drafts from entering the house, again. Installing new entrances from a Golden Windows in London Ontario would also be a good way to improve the home’s insulation. There are lots of doors to choose from that are made with durable materials and low-emissivity glass to act as successful barriers from the cold. You can browse online or look at your options for windows and custom doors in London at Golden Windows’ local showroom. People who are not looking for windows and doors in London, ON still have the opportunity to explore their choices at the showroom in Kitchener and the one near the nation’s capital in Kanata.

For the best results, it’s important that you get your replacement windows and doors installed by trained professionals so that there are no gaps or cracks left for air and moisture to get through. Golden Windows has a certified installer team that has years of experience inserting replacements. They will go to your home to double-check the appropriate measurements and schedule an installation date, so the process is quick and without problems. If you insist on hiring a contractor to complete the task, the official website has installation instructions and product specifications to help them do the job properly.

When you take care of your windows and doors, you won’t need to crank up the thermostat or throw a log into the fireplace to keep warm. You will be perfectly comfortable in your home, even if the temperature is creeping toward zero.


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