What Kind Of Windows Help Your Wallet?

Replacing your old windows with energy efficient windows is a wonderful way to put an end to cold drafts and overheated spaces so that you can keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable. On average, ENERGY STAR certified windows, doors and skylights can reduce your household energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide. If you are curious about how these incredibly useful windows work and how they can save you money, read on for further explanation.

Here at Golden Windows, we have made environmental protection a major company focus, which means that we follow sustainable practices to reduce waste during the manufacturing and distributing process. The company’s commitment to sustainability is proven with our participation in ENERGY STAR — a program that recognizes products that have demonstrated superior energy efficiency performance. Window products that meet the high standards of the ENERGY STAR program are considered excellent options for anyone looking to make their property more energy efficient.


What makes a window energy-efficient?

There are many qualities that make a window energy efficient, beyond the seal of approval from ENERGY STAR. One primary feature are the spacers that hold the window panes together to create a sealed space for argon gas. Argon prevents heat from being lost and stops the cold from getting into the house.

Energy efficient windows will also have special Low-E coatings, that are used to keep the outdoor temperature from getting inside and to reflect the indoor temperature back inside. There are several types of Low-E coatings available — give us a call to see what option works best for you and your property.

Other significant features that make a window more energy efficient include weather stripping, moisture-resistant frames and caulking to seal air gaps. It is also important to have your windows installed by trained professionals because a poor installation could ruin the functional properties of an energy efficient replacement. Golden Windows has a certified team of installers available, who will visit your home and make sure that your installation goes smoothly from start to finish.


How can windows save you money after the installation?

According to Natural Resources Canada, windows can account for up to twenty-five percent of the average home’s heat loss — this often happens because the windows are old, improperly sealed or made of inferior materials. When air leaks disrupt the indoor temperature, homeowners turn up their thermostat and spend more money trying to keep their rooms comfortable. Replacing your windows with energy efficient ones will cease this disruption and regulate your air conditioning/furnace usage. As a result, these changes will be reflected with your decreased hydro bill each month.


How can they save you money in the future?

If you are planning to sell your home, high-quality energy efficient windows are an excellent selling feature for potential buyers. Recently, Reader’s Digest interviewed real estate agents to see what the best home improvements are for increasing property value and energy-efficient window replacements are listed as one of the green renovations that will instantly increase a home’s value and appeal. If the smaller hydro bills are not enough of an incentive to replace your windows, the high return on investment rate should convince you that the purchase will put money back into your wallet.

Energy efficient windows can save homeowners money, whether it is by shrinking their monthly hydro bill or boosting the value of their property when they finally decide to put a “For Sale” sign on the front lawn. If you decide to invest in this practical renovation, you are guaranteed to feel comfortable with your indoor temperature and with your finances.


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