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A net-zero home refers to a house that is designed to produce net-zero carbon emissions. It is built to create just as much energy as it consumes so that it effectively cancels out the possibility of energy waste. This type of construction is believed to be the way of the future because it incorporates eco-friendliness with extreme functionality.


A Tight Building Envelope

According to home expert Mike Holmes, a net-zero home should have a building envelope that’s properly insulated and sealed in order to reduce the amount of energy the owners consume. The envelope is supposed to protect residents from condensation, wind, noise and outdoor temperatures. Owners will notice when their envelope is not sufficient when they can easily overhear their neighbours or when air leaks find their way inside. One of the best ways to ensure that there is a superior seal is to have energy-efficient windows and durable doors. As a manufacturer, distributor and installer of windows and doors in Kitchener and other Ontario locations, you can find a number of top-quality options that will increase the thermal resistance and insulation of the entire house.

If you are constructing or renovating a home so that it produces net-zero carbon emissions, you should invest in window installation services by certified professionals — they will guarantee that the products are inserted correctly and that there are no gaps whatsoever. Even if the Kitchener replacement windows are designed with exceptional energy-efficient features, a poor installation could undermine the powers of low-emissivity glass and Warm Edge Technology spacers. A Certified Installer Team can help with custom windows in Kitchener, London and Ottawa, along with their nearby locations.


Renewable Resources

As a way to reduce any unnecessary consumption, these homes are designed to have alternate energy sources. They often use solar energy to generate power because it is a readily available and renewable resource. Builders can equip the exterior of the home with solar-powered lighting systems and place solar panels on the roof. It’s important to remember that solar energy can also be used as a resource for the interior, as long as it is planned well — an abundance of high-quality windows will help the residents light up their house during the day without needing any electricity. Houses can use enormous windows and glass doors to open-up their interior to natural sunlight — browse through the gallery of past projects online to see examples of these bold and clever designs.


The Way Of The Future

More Ontario builders are planning to construct net-zero homes because of the province’s long-term climate goals. For instance, Ottawa developers built net zero homes in anticipation of the alterations of the building code — the Minister of Environment and Climate Change wants it to say that new homes should be energy-neutral. He announced that this major transition will be coming into effect by the year 2030 at the latest. Sustainable and energy-efficient housing will be one of the many important factors that can get Canada to reach the carbon emissions target that it promised in the 2015 Paris Accord. The government is hoping that the country can reduce its 722 megatonnes of annual emissions to 517 by the year 2030. These significant incentives have made net-zero homes a top-priority for the construction industry and the real estate business.


Net-zero homes may seem new and intimidating to some buyers, but they will become more interested in the purchase when they realize that they are exceptional financial investments. By having a property that produces as much energy as it consumes, homeowners won’t have to be burdened by expensive and stressful bills. Considering that they could live in the home for decades, that can add up to a considerable amount of savings.


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