Windows Are Home Renovations That Pay Back

Windows Are Home Renovations That Pay Back


Are you renovating your home in Kitchener, London, Ottawa, or anywhere in Southwestern or Eastern Ontario? Not all renovations are created equal, and not all deliver equal results. If you’re building a new kitchen because it’s a new kitchen you want, then take the path that will give you a more livable, beloved home. But there are also renovations that do a better job improving your home’s value. Do your research before you start tearing up your home and you can improve the value of your property and your quality of life.

Given the cost, some homeowners want to know why they should invest in replacement windows. There are plenty of great reasons to buy replacement windows in Kitchener, London, or Ottawa when you’re renovating your home, whether you plan to live there for years to come or you’re preparing it for a sale. Energy efficient replacements will cut your hydro bills significantly, putting money back in your pocket month after month. They also retain their value when you sell your home, bumping up the resale value of the property. Replacement windows are a high-value renovation, delivering a 70-80 percent ROI. According to Modernize.com, you can compare that to the 97 percent return you get on a new entry door, and 52 percent on a sun room. It’s a competitive renovation, and when you combine the ROI with energy savings, you can earn your investment back.

At Golden Windows, we make a wide range of energy-efficient and custom windows that will match your home. Want to prepare for the rising cost of hydro by investing in windows that will cut down your energy use? We manufacture Energy Star windows that use Low-E coatings to reduce heat loss and gain in all seasons, right here in Kitchener. In addition to selling to contractors and developers across Southwestern Ontario, we also work with builders and architects in the Ottawa Valley, so you want to learn about our Ottawa showroom.


You can find the products that will fit your home at any Golden Windows showroom, and all of our windows are available with the three most popular frame materials used today:

Vinyl: Vinyl windows are easily the most popular option today; they’re budget-conscious, they’re durable, they require zero maintenance, and they have a long lifespan. Plus, they are better at cutting down on drafts and heat loss.

Aluminum: Aluminum frames are affordable but not the best-looking option and anyone who has ever touched an aluminum window frame on a cold winter day knows that they’re not the most effective from a heating perspective.

Wood or wood-clad: Wood frames are ideal for heritage homes and cottages, but they require considerably more upkeep due to vulnerability to the elements. We offer a great compromise in the form of wood-clad frames, which have an aluminum core and exterior, with wood on the interior, maintaining the aesthetic principles of your home. Just ask about them at your local Golden Windows showroom.

We have the right windows for your next renovation project. Make your home more comfortable, save on your hydro bills, and increase your property values with one stop at one of our three showrooms.


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