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When the news reports warn you about impending heat waves, they recommend that you spend your time indoors until the weather outside becomes more bearable. The problem is that not every home is prepared to be a safe haven when the heat and humidity are so extreme. If you want to protect your house from the sweltering weather outside, you should insulate it with better windows and doors.


Why should you insulate your house?

Insulating your house with better windows and doors will improve your building envelope — this is the physical boundary between your rooms and the outdoor elements of water, light, air, noise and of course, heat. When you have a poor building envelope, your attempts at temperature control can be sabotaged. Even if you decide to turn on your air conditioning to make your indoor air breathable and cool, the outdoor environment could disrupt it and make the unit less effective.

Stronger insulation will also prepare you for unfortunate situations like power outages, which can happen when everyone in the community is running their air conditioning unit on high. Or it’s possible that your unit can break down from age or over-use when the weather is unbelievably hot outside. People may not notice the positive effects of a tenacious building envelope on an average day, but they certainly will when there is nothing else to keep the indoor air cool. If you decide to install new windows and doors to strengthen the insulation of your home, you will maximize the efficiency of your air conditioning and give yourself a great backup plan if the unit stops working.


What should you do?

Replace any old windows with energy-efficient models that will stop heat from slipping indoors and keep the air conditioning from leaking out. Here at Golden Windows, we have four low-emissivity glass options with Argon gas available depending on your preference and location. The windows are equipped with a number of features that will tighten up the building envelope, like Low-E Glass and Warm Edge Technology spacers. You can also browse through our collection of doors to find appropriate replacements for your entrances made with durable materials and designed for thermal resistance. A GoldenClad Entry System with fiberglass or steel panels and a maintenance-free aluminum-clad frame would be ideal for this purpose. You can get in touch with an experienced representative to see what options best meet your personal style, budget and expectations by calling or visiting one of the showrooms. We have showroom locations in Ottawa, Kitchener and London.


Why start now?

In August 2017, there was a heat warning for Southern Ontario because Environment Canada foresaw a long period of high temperatures and humidex values reaching towards 40 degrees Celsius. Only a month after, London experienced a record-breaking heat wave that hit highs of 32.2 and 32.4 degrees Celsius, while Ottawa experienced their hottest day of the year. The number of heat waves in Ontario is rising in frequency and extremity because of climate change. This means that the government will recommend more days where people have to protect themselves by staying indoors. Increasing the insulation of your home with better windows and doors will be a helpful act of foresight.

Having a powerful air conditioning unit is a handy tool during summer heat waves, but you should have a good backup plan in case the power goes out — or worse, in case the air conditioning unit breaks down when you need it the most. Improving the building envelope of your house with energy-efficient windows and durable doors will keep it sealed from the burden of extreme weather. The replacements will even optimize your air conditioning so that the refreshing air can stay indoors right where it belongs.


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