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You’ve been eyeing your neighbour’s shiny new windows from across the street and you’d like to get new windows for your home, too, but it just seems like too big a project. Maybe you’ve been putting off a window installation project or delaying an upgrade to your doors, but you’re coming out of the winter months having noticed that your current models are showing signs of damage.

You might not be an expert in window and doors, but you don’t have to be to find a top manufacturer and installer that can offer you the best product for your needs. You likely have plenty of things in mind as you search for Kitchener's best windows and doors and the best retailers in the southern Ontario region.

You want windows that look good, that will hold up over time, and that will boost your home’s energy efficiency. In this article, we’ll cover what to look for when choosing a window retailer and installer, how to choose the best window according to room in the home, and what to prioritize as you shop for these new fixtures.


Finding the Right Installation Company and Retailer

When you need to get something done around the house you probably turn to family and friends for recommendations. Luckily, you don’t need to look any further than Golden Windows when searching for a top rated window and door company in Southern Ontario.

We’ve been in business since 1961 and are one of the few window and door companies with the ISO 9001 designation. What does that mean? Holding this quality management credential ensures that we consistently meet high standards in our products and services and are always meet regulatory requirements and customer expectations.


Signs of a Trustworthy Window and Door Company

Go ahead and check out our window products to see for yourself the variety and quality of what we offer. For any home improvement project, you want to ensure that you work with a retailer and installer that can meet all your needs. As you consider your choices for improving the look and function of your home, look for these five signs of a trustworthy window and door company. 


  1. Look for testimonials and reviews. Sure, you can easily while away an entire afternoon going through ratings and reviews of local contractors in your area. But there’s still something to be said about trusting word of mouth and the testimonials of former customers. Reviews can tell you a lot about a company such as how they operate, what it’s like dealing with customer service, what to expect from the installation process, and the satisfaction rate of previous clients.


  1. You know where the windows are coming from. One of the major benefits of working with an integrated company that designs, manufactures, distributes, and installs windows and doors is that you won’t have a hard time getting answers to questions about the product. Window and door companies that manufacture the product themselves are a stellar choice because you know that you’re getting local fixtures. You can rely on the company to provide plenty of information about the technical components and features of what you’re buying.


  1. They offer thorough consultations. As you shop around to find the best window and door retailer and installer for your home’s improvement, look for a company that will come to your home for an examination of your current models. One red flag to look out for is if the consultation sounds more like a sales pitch than anything else — you don’t want to work with a company that will sell any product for any situation. Look for a representative that asks questions about your needs and is willing to talk about what the installation process will entail.


  1. They’ve been in the ‘biz for a long time. A company that has been around for a long time is more likely to have a solid financial backing and strong reputation. A company that has survived for decades has proven that they know how to stay in business and that they’re committed to growing by providing excellent service. Knowing that a company has been in business for a long time can also put any concerns about warranty of product follow-up to rest since you can be sure that they won’t be going anywhere any time soon.


  1. They’re committed to the environment. Depending on your personal commitment to living an eco-friendly life, you might prioritize a company’s environmental mandate differently than other consumers. But teaming up with a company that cares about the environment can be about more than reducing waste and recycling old product. A window company that cares about the environment is more likely to show responsibility in all aspects of its business. You can trust that a company that cares about environmental accountability will also prioritize accountability in customer service, product quality, and more.


Shopping Tip: When to Focus on Window and Door Colour

The colour of your windows and doors is one of the first things you’ll notice, so it’s natural that you’ll want to focus on this early on in the process of shopping. However, it’s best to wait to make a decision about colour when looking to upgrade your windows to a newer model. the decision-making process. Even if look and style are at the top of your priority list, the colour of your window frame will ultimately have little impact on how the fixture functions.

Bear in mind that the colour of your windows and doors should suit both the interior and the exterior of your home. Bolder colours might look great from the exterior of the home since they can really stand out against the consistent brick or vinyl the building, but they could overpower smaller interior spaces. As such, you can’t go wrong with traditional colours and a neutral effect. Instead of choosing something that contrasts your walls, look for a colour that blends into the space instead. 


How to Pick the Right Function for Your Window

Here’s a major consideration when shopping for new window and door models: what is the function that you need? You surely have constraints as they relate to your space and budget, so find a window installation company that is willing to work with these factors to find the best solution. You should focus on selecting the best product that will allow you to make it simple to use and enjoy the space.

In order to pick the window or door that suits your needs as best as possible, as yourself these four questions as you compare products:


  1. What is the size of the space that will be filled with a window or door?
  2. How large is the room that you’re updating?
  3. Is there room for a window or door to swing inwards?
  4. What is the purpose of the room in which you are installing the new fixture?


Keep an eye out for a window installation representative that asks you these questions. A good and reputable window and door installer will know to focus on these key factors when conducting this type of home renovation.


The Best Window Choices According to Room

Knowing exactly which model to install in your home gets a little bit trickier when it comes down to unique places in the home. Your attic, basement, and bathrooms all have unique needs that you need to consider when making a product choice for new windows. To help you navigate the more finicky parts of a window installation, here are some helpful tips for the best type of window for rooms with distinct functions.


  1. Bathroom Windows - It shouldn’t be hard to choose the best window for your bathroom once you know what to look for. You’ll likely want to prioritize energy efficiency, ventilation, sunlight, and privacy. Since the bathroom is an area in the home with high levels of humidity, having an operable window unit is essential to avoiding moisture damage. Bad bathroom ventilation can result in the growth of mold and mildew on windows, walls, and on the tiles. An easy-to-operate window unit can help you avoid any moisture-related issues. For the bathroom, crank windows are an excellent option. Slider windows rely on weather stripping that tends to wear down from frequent opening and closing. A crank window relies on a compression seal that’s active when the window is closed up until you open the unit. You can get this window in either a casement style or an awning style depending on preference and the specifications of your space.


  1. Living Room Windows - The living room is the heart of the home so it’s important that you made home décor and installation choices that maximize the space. As a place for family to gather, the living room is a hub of activity. Your windows in this room need to look good, allow for plenty of sunlight to enter the space, they need to function properly, and they should allow for pleasant view of the nature outside. Your living room windows are likely some of the biggest windows in your home, which means you may have to customize your replacements. In some cases, sliding patio doors do double duty as a functional entryway and food-looking, floor-to-ceiling windows. Because the windows in this room are typically large but they need to open and close, it’s best to go with a combination of architectural windows and a functional window like a slider, hung window, casement, or awning window. Looks are so important for this room so you want to choose models that promise high glass surface area and wide profiles.


  1. Basement Windows - This type of window provides the emergency exits homeowners need in case of fire or other emergency situations that require a window escape. Egress windows have been around for some time, however the regulations surrounding them have changed over time. For these windows to function properly and provide the safety benefits your home needs, they need to abide by standards and regulations of size and shape. When you’re looking for windows and comparing window installation companies, look for a provider that is familiar with the legislation surrounding egress windows. A sign of a trustworthy and reputable window and door company is when they are ready and willing to inform potential customers about the requirements of window safety features. A company that doesn’t prioritize safety regulations when installing windows is breaking the law while jeopardizing the safety of you and your family.


Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Don’t forget that your renovation needs to correspond to the architectural identity of your home. Windows are an excellent investment when you want to give your home a face lift and improve your curb appeal. New windows are also one of the highest-yielding return on investment renovation choices you can make since the improvements to energy efficiency, natural lighting, and indoor air quality are so noticeable with new units. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon, the windows and doors that you choose to install will ultimately have a huge impact on the aesthetic value of your house and its resale value.

Before making any decisions on new window or door styles, ask yourself if what you’re doing is going to work with the overall aesthetic identity of your home. Especially if your home has a distinct look like a that of a log cabin, a contemporary modern style, or a Victorian style, you want to make sure that the fixtures that you ring in will work cohesively with your home’s ambiance. Instead of focusing strictly on the needs of one particular space, keep the home as a whole in mind when deciding on which models, colours, and glass coatings are best for your project.

Deciding to upgrade your otherwise outdated windows and doors is an excellent move towards a more modern and energy efficient home. Newer models of windows promise low maintenance and plenty of valuable natural light and fresh air. Be true to your personal taste as well as the functional needs of your space and you can’t go wrong with this exciting home improvement project.


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