News & Blog Posts - August 2017

Windows Are Home Renovations That Pay Back

Are you renovating your home in Kitchener, London, Ottawa, or anywhere in Southwestern or Eastern Ontario? Not all renovations are created equal, and not all deliver equal results. If you’re building a new kitchen because it’s a new kitchen you want, then take the path that will give you a more livable, beloved home.

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The Most Efficient Energy Star Appliances Of 2017

As a windows and doors company in Kitchener, Ontario that manufactures Energy Star products for your home, the team at Golden Windows is invested in energy efficient houses and the steps that families take to reduce their carbon footprint. Energy efficient windows and doors are a great way to save on your monthly bills, but they’re also not the only way.

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Five Window Styles Trending Now

The chance to build your dream home or finally start those renovations you’ve been imagining for years isn’t one that comes around often. If you’re going to do it right, you want to find out what’s on trend and what’s in style, so we’ve taken a look at five of the most popular window trends today.

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The Amazing Perks When You Fix Up Your Garage

If you are lucky enough to have a garage on your property, it would be wise invest time and effort so that it remains in excellent condition. If your garage seems unimportant in comparison to the rest of your property, know that fixing up your garage comes with a number of pleasant perks.

2/6/2018 1:08:40 PM

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