Care & Maintenance

By following a few general maintenance tips, you can be assured of having many years of trouble free windows.

Clean all operating hardware, hinges and tracks at least twice per year and lubricate lightly with a silicone spray or light oil.

Do not clean glass or other finishes with abrasive materials or cleaners.

Clean vinyl surfaces with mild soap and water.

Clean aluminum with mild soap and water. An application of automotive paste wax may renew the lustre of the aluminum.

Care should be taken to ensure weather-stripping and hardware is not painted over. This could hamper the operation and seal of the window and cannot be claimed under the warranty as a manufacturing defect.

Inspect face caulking annually to ensure proper seal against the glass.

We recommend removing the internal screens during the winter months to lessen the likelihood of condensation forming on the glass surfaces.

For operation and trouble shooting of Multi Point Locking hardware, please click here.

Window Condensation

What causes window condensation?

Window condensation occurs when the surface temperature of part or all of the windows is lower than the surrounding humid air.

The moisture in the air condenses on contact with these cold surface of the window. The resulting droplets can run down the glass when the condensation is heavy or does not evaporate fast enough.

Condensation will often occur at the edge of the glazing because of the way windows are designed.

How can I fix condensation of windows?

You can decrease or eliminate by raising the inside surface temperature and/or decreasing the relative humidity of the indoor air (e.g., running a dehumidifier).



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