News & Blog Posts - March 2018

How To Pick The Right Frame For Your Window

There are a number of window styles that a homeowner or builder can choose from when building a home. However, the shape and style are not the only qualities that affect the look and functionality of a window — the frame is an incredibly important part that needs to be thoughtfully considered.

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How To Prepare For A Window Installation

If you are renovating your home and replacing your windows, your installation can happen with minimal impact so long as you take the right steps to prepare ahead of time. Hiring trained professionals, scheduling your installation in advance and clearing the area will help your window installation run smoothly.

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The Trendiest Windows Of The Year

The home design and décor trends of the year are already being talked about in industry magazines and popping up across social media platforms. Soon enough, these hot looks will show up in renovated living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. If you want to know what this year has in store for window renovations and décor, here are the biggest trends of 2018.

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If You Want Better Sleep, Improve Your Bedroom Windows

Windows can do much more than make your bedroom look beautiful and stylish — they bring a whole host of benefits that will improve your daily life. These special features can make homeowners less dependent on their snooze buttons, they can fix insomnia and keep you healthy in the middle of flu season. Find out how certain window styles can transform your bedroom into a better space.

11/2/2018 1:14:42 PM

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