• GoldenClad® Entry Systems

    We offer two types of entry systems, GoldenClad® and GoldenWood®, both manufactured in Kitchener and shipped across Ontario. The GoldenClad® entry system is designed with a maintenance free aluminum-clad frame. We offer a selection of steel and fiberglass panel designs to reflect your personal taste, lifestyle and the architectural style of your home. For more information, please visit our Masonite and Trimlite brochures.

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  • GoldenWood® Entry Systems

    The Goldenwood® Entry Systems are designed with the Goldenguard® sill that eliminates the need for unsightly door sweeps while incorporating an efficient drainage system. The wood frame with brickmould allows for a choice of various stains to create a personal reflection of your taste and lifestyle.

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  • GoldenClad® Sliding Patio Doors

    Our complete line of GoldenClad® Sliding Patio Doors offer the warmth and elegance of traditional wood doors on the interior of your home with the added luxury and protection of colour matched aluminum cladding on the exterior. An extruded layer of aluminum cladding encases the exterior, protecting the engineered wood core and keeping it free from deterioration.  

    The GoldenClad® Sliding Patio Door is available in both a Traditional (Wide French Style) and a Contemporary (Narrow Rail) design.

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  • GoldenWood® Sliding Patio Doors

    Our line of exquisite all wood sliding patio doors offer an unprecedented level of class and comfort. Our hand-crafted GoldenWood® Sliding Patio Doors are constructed using only the finest components and provide the perfect balance between engineering excellence and stunning beauty.


    TheGoldenWood® Sliding Patio Door is available in both a Traditional (wide French Rails) and a Contemporary (Narrow Rail) design.

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  • GoldenVinyl® Sliding Patio Doors

    Our GoldenVinyl® Sliding Patio Doors are designed and engineered to be unlike any others in the industry, featuring reinforced construction and energy efficient performance. A multi-chambered structure combined with a comfort enhancing weatherstripping system and a premium warm edge spacer increases the performance values of these doors.

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  • GoldenClad® Terrace Doors

    The GoldenClad® Terrace Doors allow for the enjoyment of a beautiful wood interior which is designed with an extruded aluminum clad exterior frame allowing for a choice of exterior colours.

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  • GoldenWood® Terrace Doors

    The GoldenWood® Terrace Doors are designed with a wood frame and brickmould which allows for your choice of stains or paint colours. Perfect for log homes, or to keep the authenticity in heritage homes.

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