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If you are a project manager or contractor leading a homeowner’s renovation, you should use your expertise and industry knowledge to help them make the smartest decisions for their property. While the decisions can be about materials they should choose, complications they should avoid and expenses that will dent their budget, you can also lead to them toward creating an energy-efficient home.

According to the foundation of environmental activist David Suzuki, nearly sixty percent of the energy used in Canadian homes is related to heating. A major way that a homeowner can shrink the energy wasted on home heating is renovating their windows and entrance doors — up to forty percent of heat is lost through walls, windows and doors that let in drafts. When their home is drafty and cold, people use more heating energy to compete with the chill — this is especially common during the fall and winter. To make sure they use up less energy, Canadians need to fix the underlying issue by getting energy-efficient window replacements.

Here at Golden Windows, we are committed to providing windows that will improve the energy-efficiency of a property. These energy-efficient windows have low-emissivity glazing options to help retain heat and better regulate the temperature indoors. The windows are also designed with Warm Edge Technology spacers, weather-stripping and superior frames so that they can keep a home comfortable during colder seasons. If the renovation is taking place in a location that has harsh winters, the homeowners will greatly appreciate the window upgrade — in locations like Ottawa, London or Kitchener replacement windows will be incredibly helpful with keeping out freezing temperatures.

The energy-efficiency of a window also depends on a proper installation, because a poor installation will negate all of the product’s amenities. Professionals working on the renovation of a property will need operating instructions for our products before starting the installations — the instructions are easily accessible online so that the renovators will have the best results for the task at hand.

There are many homeowners who are very excited about going green and reducing their carbon footprints in order to be more environmentally-friendly — these homeowners should not be difficult to convince, and will likely be aware of most of the green improvements available for homes. Other homeowners may need to be persuaded about the benefits of energy-efficient housing because they are under the assumption that there will be less variety with green products and that their prices are more inconvenient than other options on the market.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to debunk these myths and assumptions so that the homeowner can really see the great options out there. You can explain that there is a wide selection of energy-efficient products that are functional and attractive — they can even check out our photo gallery to see a variety of beautiful windows and doors that are available. You should also explain that energy-efficient home improvements are investments that will prove more effective than cheaper options and will save them money over the years. The renovations will end up reducing the amount of energy needed for heating, cooling and other appliances so that the homeowner’s hydro bills will be much smaller.

Other renovations that can make a home more energy-efficient:

  • Insulate your walls on every floor, including your basement and attic.
  • Add more plant-life to your front and backyard.
  • Place solar panels on the roof of your house.
  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star approved products like dishwashers and refrigerators.
  • Install low-flow toilets and shower heads to conserve water.

If you are a project manager or contractor dealing with a home renovation, you can introduce a homeowner to the concept of energy-efficient home improvements. Your explanations can help them realize that energy-efficient renovations can improve their home and the environment at the same time.


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