Enjoy Your Back Patio With Glass Sliding Doors

Whether you’re building a new home or thinking about some major renovations, installing glass sliding doors or terrace doors can prove to be a big improvement to your home. A great home renovation doesn’t just increase the resale value of your home, it should also improve your quality of life while you’re living there. If more light, more air, and better backyard living are priorities in your life, make this your renovation project for the spring. Below are four reasons to install sliding glass patio or terrace doors in your home:

 #1 More Light

Improving the amount of light you get into your home doesn’t just make a room look more attractive, it also helps improve your mood and mental health. The benefits of sunlight are closely studied in psychology circles, especially in the winter months for people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The negative effects of increased natural light, such as glare and high temperatures, can be offset by Low-E coatings that make the glass energy efficient and keep the heat out of your home during those dog days of summer.

#2 More Air

In the spring and summer, opening up sliding or terrace doors can bring fresh air into your home, pushing out the musty and dust that seems to take over throughout the long winter. Opening up your doors and windows can also help keep your home naturally cool without using air conditioning on those ideal days.

#3 Seamless Transitions

When it’s patio season, you can just keep the doors open all day and evening; no struggling with doorknobs with a plate of barbecued steaks and corn on the cob in one hand. Leaving doors open also puts less wear and tear on them, especially if you’ve got kids wrenching them open and slamming them closed several times an hour.

#4 Better Hosting

If you’re an avid host looking forward to finishing your back deck, terrace doors can blend the boundary between inside and outside for a bigger, more seamless party. Get rid of the barriers dividing your party and open up your home during the beautiful summer months.

For contractors and builders, we at Golden Windows supply a wide range of sliding glass patio doors that are aluminum-clad, for a maintenance-free exterior that still offers the traditional looks of wood on the interior while protecting the wood core from the elements. Especially when combined with Low-E coating, glass sliding doors are a great selling point with homebuyers, while contractors will find that their clients value locally-made, energy efficient products. You can visit a Golden Windows showroom in one of our three locations in Ontario: Kitchener, London, and Kanata outside of Ottawa.

Whether your clients are looking to improve the lighting and airflow in their home, designing a beautiful patio or pool-area for hosting in their backyard, or building a summer home, they shouldn’t have to worry about fading furniture or high electricity bills. We have plenty of high-performance, energy efficient doors to choose from, and all Golden Windows doors and windows are made locally at our plant in Kitchener. We can help you with any construction or renovation project, just get in touch.


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