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Choosing a replacement door for your home can be one of the most exciting and fun parts of a home renovation – or it can lead to agonizing over the decision. After all, it’s not only a big part of your home’s first impression, you also need it to withstand the elements and you need it for security. The Golden Windows team aren’t just experts in energy efficient windows, we also do all kinds of doors, from front entryways to garage doors and sliding patio doors. But for now, let’s focus on your front entryway options.


The first step is finding something that fits with the rest of your home. When you make Golden Windows your door company in Kitchener, you get one of the widest selection of windows and doors in Southern Ontario. We offer tons of panel designs, decorative glass options from Masonite and Trimlite, fibreglass and steel panels, and wood doors. Whether you’re building a suburban dream home, a contemporary house in the city, or replacing a door in a heritage home, we have the right option for you.


Second, consider energy efficiency; you can reduce your hydro bill by investing in an energy efficient door. If you’re replacing your front door as part of a fall renovation project, you can get ready for winter by cutting down on drafts and heat loss at a key point in your home. We build all of our products to ISO standards with Energy Star ratings, meaning we provide consistent energy efficiency in all of our products. That eye for quality and consistency is what makes us a top-rated window and door company you can rely on for superior manufacturing, which is why many of Southern Ontario’s contractors and developers trust in our expertise.


GoldenClad entry systems are our first door option – it uses aluminum-clad frames for a maintenance-free front door, and options of steel or fibreglass panel designs. Aluminum is a great construction material because it doesn’t rust and doesn’t need to be repainted. Steel panels are one of the most popular options for custom doors in Kitchener as low-cost, durable, and secure options. Fiberglass is even tougher to damage, as steel can be dented and scratched. And offers the ability to stain to make it look like real wood


Our GoldenWood entry systems are unique front door options that eliminate door sweeps, those unsightly rubber sweeps that break down quickly and look worn and tattered, thanks to our custom sill. You get to choose the stain or paint that best reflects your personal taste or the look of your home, and wood frame with brick mould brings the pinnacle of sophistication to your home. The drainage system incorporated into our both entry systems is built for the heavy rainstorms and spring thaws Ontario homeowners contend with every year.


GoldenClad and GoldenWood entry systems are Golden Windows’ signature doorways, and they also come with a full selection of custom grille options, as well as Masonite and Trimlite decorative glass options. Whether you are a homeowner that is excited to get started on renovations or a project developer searching for the most reliable resources, all you have to do is check out our brochures to find out what we have to offer and take a look at our gallery of past projects to get an idea of the work we do. We are happy to help homeowners and developers because we love helping people complete their dream homes.


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