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After you decide on what style of windows you want, there is still a major hurdle to face — who is going to install them? The installation doesn’t have to be a long, difficult or stressful obstacle as long as you follow these helpful suggestions.   


Choose The Right Contractors

When your home is undergoing a big renovation, you will be hiring contractors to help build and improve all sorts of areas around your property. Although these professionals may be experienced in taking down walls or putting up stairs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are trained to do every job in the renovation. If you want contractors to install your windows and doors effectively, you will want to ask for references and do your due diligence. Alternatively, you can use the installers who are provided by the window manufacturer.  At Golden Windows, their Certified Installation Team are experts and masters at their craft. They have many years of experience installing both windows and doors. Golden Windows aims to provide peace of mind knowing that your products have been installed correctly and will continue to perform for many years to come.


Go Over The Area First

An experienced contractor knows that they should inspect the window area before ordering any products for installation. A reliable contractor will go over the measurements of the window frame to get the most accurate size for the installation. In order to make sure your contractor orders the proper windows, they can reference a website like Golden Windows, to download architectural drawings for professionals. The document lists specifications for all standard styles such as: awning, casement, single and double hung windows.


When In Doubt, Go Right To The Source

If you feel like you cannot find the right contractor for the job, one of the greatest resources for your installation is the window manufacturer/distributor themselves. Window manufacturers, like Golden Windows, know their products best and will make sure their customers are satisfied with the installation. The homeowner can set up an appointment with a Golden Windows & Doors Sales Representative to visit the property and take measurements. At this time, the homeowner can review the available styles, colours, grille patterns, etc. When the homeowner is ready to place their order, a Golden Windows Installer will re-visit the property to finalize measurements and set-up an installation date. The installation team are certified experts who have been properly trained to install your windows and doors.

Avoid The Temptation For DIY

You should never attempt to replace your own window, no matter how handy you are with other home improvement projects. If your windows and doors are installed incorrectly, the product will not function as designed and the homeowner can end up with seal failures or water leaks, which can lead to larger issues down the road. In the end, the homeowner will waste more time and money. Windows and doors are a financial investment that should be installed by professionals in order to maintain your warranty.

The installation is an important step during your window renovation. Leave it to a professional and admire your updated home!


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