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Energy efficient housing is catching on in Ontario as a new generation of homebuyers with environmental values enters the market and as builders move increasingly toward implementing efficient standards and materials. Golden Windows has been proudly supplying energy efficient windows and doors to builders across Ontario for years and we share the same commitment to the environment that many new homebuyers have. Energy efficiency isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about reducing consumption of fossil fuels and minimizing your impact on the planet. Smarter design and construction choices make it easier for homebuyers to do this without having to compromise their lifestyles.

We sell beautifully designed doors and windows to builders, contractors, and homeowners across Ontario with a variety of customized options including low emissivity coatings, glass spacers, weatherstripping, cladding, and grilles. We offer three of the most common types of window cladding: wood, aluminum, and vinyl, the latter of which is practically maintenance-free. Whatever your design aims in building a new home, we can make what you’re looking for. Browse through our catalogue of window and door options and get in touch or visit our showrooms in Kitchener, London, or Kanata. Not only do we regularly work with contractors and developers looking for more energy efficient windows, we can also do professional installations to make sure that they are performing to their full potential.

Not only is it our business at Golden Windows to manufacture energy efficient windows that will ultimately cut down your energy usage and your household impact on the environment, but we also practice environmentally conscious manufacturing. In order to mitigate the impact of our material use and waste, we follow a few simple rules you probably learned in grade school: reduce, reuse, recycle.

Reduce: We do our best to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by manufacturing in southern Ontario, close to our customers, so that we can minimize transportation. Our business is also helping households reduce their own energy consumption through high efficiency windows and doors and we do everything we can to reduce our own consumption. For our wood-framed windows, we only source wood from managed forests, as well as repurpose lumber and finger-joined material.

Reuse: Manufacturing always involves materials that you don’t or can’t use and unfortunately that means the process can produce a lot of waste, but there’s a way to reuse almost anything. When we cut door slabs, we’re often left with leftover steel which we repurpose as extra insulation for attic hatches as well as concrete flooring, while our wood waste is sent off to become bedding for animals.


Recycle: We recycle everything from the paper and cardboard we use in our office to broken glass on our floor.


Our commitment to green construction and energy efficient houses go beyond the windows and doors that we make and extend to how we make them, which is why we go to the lengths we do, and why we make high quality, energy efficient windows to help you do the same.


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