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Ontario has a rich architectural history, including everything from the Victorian farm- or townhouse, “in-town” Georgian homes, Arts and Crafts residences, Second Empire rowhouses, and Edwardian cottages quite common in cities and towns across the province which, while more common and not often thought of as “heritage,” still have many traditional charms. You purchased your heritage home, whatever style it is in, because you love its traditional, authentic feeling and wanted to make it part of your everyday life. But as you well know, owning an older home of any vintage comes with its downsides as well: creaking floors, creaking pipes, plumbing and electric work that often confounds tradespeople, and drafty, rattling windows. Some of these inconveniences you’re willing to live with as part of the price of living in such a beautiful space, but others can start to get expensive. 

Old windows can quickly become a real burden in those cold winter months when the wind rattles them and you can feel the cold seeping in just by sitting next to them. If your home has its original windows, sometimes 100 years old or more, you may want to consider ways that you can retrofit them to maintain your home’s authenticity (and if your home has official heritage designation, you should double check the rules regarding window replacements). However, you may still want to consider the benefits of replacing them, and if the originals have already been replaced by previous owners, don’t hesitate to prioritize installing better performing replacements. 

New windows and weatherstripping mean no more drafts, but installing energy efficient windows will go even further toward reducing your heating expenses, as well as help keep your home comfortable in the summer. Golden Windows Energy Star windows use Low E coating and argon gas to prevent heat transfer between the indoors and outdoors by reflecting the infrared energy that carries heat as well as UV rays from the sun that can make a room unbearably hot in the summer, as well as fade wood and leather. 

Besides four Low E glaze options, Golden Windows picture and architectural windows also come with a multitude of shapes and grilles, all so that our products can maintain the integrity of your heritage home while providing better performance. Besides window shape and grille, we also offer wood frames for both interior and exterior, as well as brickmould options.     

For professional installation, you can also depend on our team, and a Golden Windows technician will make sure that the window is properly installed to optimize your energy savings. While any window installation is best left to an expert, relying on a professional for a heritage home also significantly reduces the risk of damage. The service includes a free onsite measuring as well as a consultation on the windows and doors we can offer you. We serve three areas in Ontario: London, Kitchener, and Ottawa, and all of our products are manufactured at our Kitchener plant. For quality, energy efficient windows and doors that have been made in Canada that will maintain the look and feel of your heritage home, give us a call or stop by one of our three showrooms.


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