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There’s something whimsical about Bay windows that draw people to them; they make beautiful additions to many homes by providing a spacious and airy quality. They also brighten up any room by allowing for the maximum amount of natural light to enter. The room not only feels bigger, but because of the way in which Bay windows protrude outwards – the square footage of the room increases.

Apart from their functionality and how they expand a space, people will choose Bay windows for aesthetic purposes as well. Many will associate them with their historical past, as they offer any home a sense of elegance; giving it a more classic feel. They will also liven up dead space; providing many families with reading nooks or extra lounging space, areas for indoor gardens, and even desk space conducive for work or study.

The one crucial thing to keep in mind however, if you’re thinking about adding Bay windows to your home, is that they must be energy efficient. As appealing as it is to receive so much natural light; poor quality windows will cause a room to get overheated during the warmer months, resulting in you spending more money in the long run to keep that room cool. Stylish window treatments are attractive, but they will be of little benefit to you if they don’t help minimize your energy costs.

For cost-saving windows, you must take into consideration the efficiency of the frame, glass, design, and installation. The best frames that are both affordable and energy efficient are made from vinyl, wood, or aluminum-clad.  Golden Windows offers you all three, with the added benefit of our GoldenGlass that works with Warm Edge technology and the SuperSpacer to boost thermal performance. They are also designed to maximize natural air flow, while enabling easy cleaning and maintenance. Our certified installation team will be able to perform the installation in a timely manner and with care, offering suggestions and opinions during an initial consultation prior to renovation.

Finally, our company is dedicated to being environmentally conscious; our manufacturing team is consistently looking for ways to maximize resources while reducing waste. Not only will we provide you with an affordable, energy efficient bay window for your home, we can assure you it will be constructed sustainably.

Whether you’re looking to increase the seating area within your master bedroom, give your dining room a more natural eclectic feel, add some dual-purpose storage space, or brighten up a dark hallway – bay windows are ideal candidates for the job. Just remember to choose a model that is energy efficient and whose frames are sturdy and most suitable for the climate you live in. As well, consider professional installation to save you hassle. It also doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion from our staff if you’re unsure which model would work best for your home. Allow us to do the leg work, so you can relax and enjoy the extra light and space in no time.


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