Understanding Energy Star Participation

Golden Windows is proud to participate in Energy Star Canada, meaning all of our products are certified by an independent organization (Natural Resources Canada) and meet strict efficiency requirements. Contractors who replace windows for clients frequently turn to products that have earned the Energy Star symbol, as these products not only help reduce emissions but also reduce the homeowner’s hydro bill. We wanted to take some time to go into further detail about the benefits of the Energy Star program and our own commitment to the environment by explaining some of the facts around the program and how approved products can really improve a home.

As much as 25% of a home’s heat loss is due to the windows, and with rising hydro and gas costs, replacements can be a worthwhile investment. Not only is this a cause for bloated heating bills, but it can also make rooms uncomfortable and drafty, not to mention condensation caused by warm interior air meeting cold exterior air. Condensation is one of the chief causes for early deterioration, and it can even lead to the growth of mold. Caulking and weatherstripping are effective ways to prevent air leakages, but our argon-based glazes create the most effective barrier between indoors and outdoors.

Energy Star is an international designation, but because heating needs in different climates are very different, Canada is divided into three different climate zones with different Energy Star performance requirements:

Zone 1 – Coastal BC and Vancouver Island, this zones requires the lowest resistance to the flow of heat (R-value), and products designed for any other zone cover this area.

Zone 2 – This covers the most populated part of Canada, including southern Ontario, southern Quebec, the Atlantic provinces, much of the Prairies, and interior BC.

Zone 3 – This is the coldest and most demanding region and covers the northern parts of provinces as well as all of the northern territories.

Since we also distribute to the United States (as well as Japan, Great Britain, and other markets), we encourage American contractors to look up their zone by their town or city since multiple zones may cover a single state.

At Golden Windows, we use Low-E glass to meet Energy Star’s heat flow resistance requirements, all including argon gas. Sunlight exists on three parts of the spectrum: visible light, UV rays, and infrared light, all on different wavelengths. While ultraviolet light is responsible for fading fabrics, infrared is heat energy, and Low-E glass targets the wavelengths at which infrared starts. During the summer, the Low-E coating on glass prevents heat from entering your home without obscuring visible light, while in the winter, the coating bounces the heat from inside, reducing heat loss. It’s an all-year round energy solution that keeps down both heating and air conditioning expenses, and as one of the few window and door companies with ISO 9001 designation (meaning we have a superior Quality Management System), our windows are consistently high-performing. If you’re a contractor looking for a quality window supplier on your renovation jobs, learn more about us and the Golden Windows high standard for quality.


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