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Choosing the right windows for any home may seem like a daunting task, especially given the vast variety of materials, styles and features available. When figuring out what will work best on a house, it’s not all about looks and style, though those are important — it’s also about making sure those things don’t come at the expense of convenience and functionality. Designing a home, whether it’s  new construction or a renovation, is all about fitting puzzle pieces together. How do you achieve the look of a bedroom flooded with gorgeous light while making sure it doesn’t get too hot in the summer? And how do you position window openings for good breezes without risking gaps and leaks that let all the heat out in the winter? Some of these issues can be taken care of by a great quality product itself, but others need to be attended to during the process of building, and then by professional installation services. Here are a few things to keep in mind while you shop.


Casement, awning, hung, and portrait windows are all very popular, and your choice between them will generally depend on the size of your rough openings and the desired look. Some take up less space than others, and this is important to consider if there are trees, plants, or shrubbery directly outside, since that kind of greenery may not allow an awning window to fully open in a direction away from the house, for example. Sliding options are a better choice, in that case.


Wood, aluminum and vinyl are the most common materials used in constructing windows, but they offer different advantages. Wooden windows look beautiful, provide strong insulation, and add to the rustic, old-fashioned feel of a log house, cottage, or country home. At Golden Windows, they’re also fully customizable, since we have an in-house mill that can create or match the most suitable styles for your personal taste and required sizes. The reason we offer vinyl-clad and aluminum-clad options alongside wood, however, is because wooden window exteriors generally require a little more maintenance. Exposed to the elements, moisture can collect in organic materials and wear down stains or paint. The alternatives allow you to keep window interiors wooden while creating aesthetically consistent but more weather-resistant (and therefore, more long-lasting) exteriors.


Here’s where the convenience and practicality of shopping for windows makes a difference. At Golden Windows, most our products meet Energy Star requirements and  guaranteed to lower your heating and cooling costs, especially if you’re replacing older, faulty windows. However, there are certain options we make available specifically for those who are geared towards extra efficiency. Our Golden Vinyl 3000 series offers double weather stripping for draft-free performance, and the Superspacer™ upgrade provides an extra layer of argon-gas-filled glass to keep more extreme temperatures at bay.

At Golden Windows, it’s all in the details — that’s where performance, convenience, and beauty meet, so that you never need to compromise on your expectations.


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