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Even though you may have noticed double hung windows in your neighbourhood, you may not know why so many people are interested in this particular style. If you are a homeowner looking for a renovation or a professional looking to expand their knowledge, here is a quick run-down of what you need to know about double hung windows.

While there are plenty of window styles available, double hung windows are a very popular choice — you can check out our window products online if you want to see other shapes and styles. This classic design is beloved by homeowners and builders because of all of the practical and aesthetic benefits that it can bring to a property. Double hung windows are an exceptional choice for property constructions, renovations and design fixes, so if you are looking to buy windows in Kitchener, London or Kanata, this is a style you should consider.

Superior Ventilation

Double hung windows can offer twice the amount of ventilation when the top and bottom sashes are open. The superior quality of ventilation makes them ideal for rooms that need more air circulation — for instance, bathrooms need more air circulation because of all the excess moisture created by steam. Having strong air circulation in rooms that have more moisture will prevent common issues like damp surfaces, staining, mildew and unpleasant smells.


Convenient For Cleaning

Double hung windows are prized for the fact that they are much easier to clean than other window styles. Both the top and bottom sashes pivot towards the interior of the house so that you can effortlessly access and clean every part of the window without stepping foot outside. This quality is especially convenient for any window that’s installed on a floor higher than the ground level.


Aesthetic Appeal

A double hung window can be a fantastic interior design opportunity for any room inside of your home. Before you start picking out decorations for the window, you should figure out what frame material and colour you prefer. You can choose a classic design with white exterior frames or you can go for a more modern look with a bold frame in black or burgundy — you can give us a call to discuss all of the options available, including custom colours.

Since the style is so versatile, you will have lots of options when it comes to decorating double hung windows — you can choose to dress them up or dress them down, depending on your personal preferences. For those who want a dressier look, you can choose Roman shades in a vibrant colour or for a more casual look, choose a short curtain in a sweet pattern. To decorate the outside of the double hung window, you can always set up a window box full of seasonal flowers or fresh herbs.


A Safer Choice

This is probably not a perk that you would expect for a window style, but it’s important to know that double hung windows are a safe choice for homeowners with small children. The window style gives homeowners the option to open the upper sash instead of the lower sash, which means that they can leave a window open without worrying about their young children trying to climb out of it. The window is also safe for those who have cats or dogs — the high sash is much more effective at discouraging pets from jumping out the open window than a simple screen.

If you want the wonderful benefits of superior ventilation, convenient cleaning, aesthetic appeal and safety, then you should consider double hung windows. Whether you are a homeowner looking for new windows for your upcoming renovation or a professional researching for their next big construction project, you will appreciate everything that a double hung window has to offer.


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