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Southern Ontario is lucky to have plenty of gorgeous bodies of water, and waterfront properties are particularly coveted by home and condo buyers. People are eager to let the outside indoors when they’re surrounded by breathtaking views and glass is the perfect way to make a house feel like it’s barely there. When you open up space with a lot of glass, it’s important to use quality products that will keep the home insulated and draft-free during the winter, and prevent the house from becoming a greenhouse in the summer by conducting heat. Smart glass products reduce energy consumption, a feature that adds lasting value for homebuyers looking to save on their hydro bills and reduce their carbon footprints. Since we at Golden Windows frequently work with developers and architects on window designs, we’ve put together a few design ideas to keep in mind when you’re building a lakeside property, whether it’s in the city or meant as a vacation property. 

Bring the water closer to the living room – Installing picture windows side by side stretching the whole length of the wall is a great way to open up living space to the natural wonders outside, especially when you forego curtains and blinds. Bare walls help to create a clean, airy atmosphere that brings the magic of the lake closer to the living room.

Find the best view – Many cities in southwestern Ontario are located nearby rivers, and builders working on lots that abut wooded river valleys would be smart to find the best view of the passing water, or create an enclave of privacy by taking advantage of surrounding trees. These are great places to build patios and decks, but also sunrooms with large, sliding glass doors or skylights.

Wraparound windows – Especially popular in vacation properties, dining room annexes surrounded by glass let homeowners feel like they’re dining al fresco all season long, without letting the weather or insects ruin the evening.

Bring in more airflow – It’s not just the light and the view, you also want to bring in airflow with the smell of the lake and the woods into the house. Awning windows open from the bottom out, directing fresh air into the home, while Golden Windows products also come with a multi-lock system for security.

Panorama – If the location is elevated or surrounded on more than one side by water, a panoramic view is going to be breathtaking. You can also use architectural windows above glass doors to create more height to the panorama in rooms that open up to decks and patios. Once again, rooms like these need top-of-the-line windows for temperature control and energy efficiency, such as Low-E coatings that prevent the sunlight from raising temperatures to unbearable levels while keeping heat from escaping during the winter.

The team at Golden Windows works extensively with builders erecting lakeside and vacation properties throughout Southwestern Ontario, and all of our products are available in many different sizes to fit your development. Contact us if you’re looing for gorgeous windows that are going to keep out the elements but let in light and airflow.


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