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Purchasing and renovating an older house is the preferred tactic for experienced home buyers. While it doesn’t offer the fresh start that building a structure from scratch does, it can be less expensive to carry out and is a wonderful opportunity to preserve the original look and feel of a heritage home. There’s no shortage of new condominiums, town houses, and middle-class mansions on the market these days, but it’s a rare thing to find a home with a strong foundation and beautiful, one-of-a-kind moldings from another era. 

Of course, the trouble in working with an old house to upgrade its plumbing, electric wiring, and appliances is deciding exactly what needs to be replaced. This is a crucial process of decision-making that often decides how sellable and livable the home ends up being. While you can tour a house and appreciate its antique look, lovely old floors, and vintage style at a glance, you can’t really know how it’s going to function or how liveable it is until you do a house inspection. It’s incredibly important for buyers to know exactly what they’re getting into and how certain changes will influence their energy bills, taxes, and day-to-day comfort in the long term.

Windows and doors are a crucial part of any home renovation that makes efficiency upgrades a priority. Because window design and insulation strategies have evolved so much only in the past few decades, lots of old homes do not have the kind of protection necessary to effectively heat interiors for long, Canadian winters. Low-E treatments, double and triple-layered panes, and argon gas fills have made glass windows enormously more capable of maintaining desired indoor temperatures. Plus, aluminum-clad units are now able to seal out any and all air leaks, as long as they are professionally fitted.

At Golden Windows, we know that while you may want to work towards an environmentally-friendly, zero-waste home, you don’t necessarily want the modern look that is associated with such upgrades. Old homes sport some of the most beautiful, antique wooden window frames around, and we’d hate for you to lose the home elements that you bought specifically for their uniqueness. That’s why, at our in-house mill, we’ve provided the option for you to customize your wood frames specifically so that heritage homes don’t lose any of their glamour. We’re dedicated to the craft of design, so we offer authentic pine exteriors while giving you the possibility for Energy Star certified, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance product.  

Take your home to new aesthetic heights by creating seating on your sills, employing unique grille patterns, and experimenting with our broad range of shape and colour! Because our products are designed for professional installation, we partner with an incredible number of builders and renovators who are constantly contributing to our projects, and we make an effort to provide resources for that community. Upgrade the look, feel, and performance of your home without losing any of its charm today!


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