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Golden Windows Limited is more than just windows. We are an integrated manufacturing and installation company that offers custom windows and doors for a variety of home and building applications. From log cottages to modern houses, we carry a huge number of options in materials and finishes, and you can see everything we have to offer in our London showroom!  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to show you the possibilities and explain which ones make the most sense for your project. Golden Windows is your local source for custom windows and doors in London and the surrounding areas.  

Why Choose Golden Windows & Doors? 

We have a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, and those are just some of the reasons why we make our own products. As a window manufacturer in London, we understand what materials need to be used in order to produce a product that will last for years to come in our harsh Canadian climate, all while reducing energy consumption in your home. We are proud to say we put quality and pride into every one of our windows and doors.

Custom Windows and Doors in London 

All products are custom windows and doors made specifically for you. We offer vinyl windows, clad windows and wood windows along with entrance and sliding doors, all available in a variety of materials and finishes. We offer standard sizes but also have the ability to make custom doors and windows in any size, customized to your specifications. Our products can be used as replacement windows and doors in older homes or can be installed in new construction projects. 

Golden Windows Installation Services

We are the manufacturer and can also be the installer of our windows or doors. Whether the job is a retrofit, new construction or upgrade, our products are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to last through years of any type of weather your home may experience.

Come visit our company’s showroom in London today or contact us to see how our team can help!

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