News & Blog Posts - March 2021

Find Out What’s Hot in Window and Door Styles This Year | Golden Windows

From floor-to-ceiling windows to double sliding patio doors, these are the top trends for 2021. If you’re planning on upgrading, contact Golden Windows today!

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Read This to Get Inspired for Your Next Cottage Renovation

Make your cottage brighter, airier, safer and more efficient by upgrading your windows and doors. Contact Golden Windows for a quote or to learn more!

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Net Zero Homes | Golden Windows

Net Zero Homes save money and reduces your home’s environmental impact. To start, choose efficient triple glazed windows and doors from Golden Windows.

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How Do You Choose the Right Material for Windows & Doors? | Golden Windows

Vinyl, aluminum or wood: what’s the right material for your windows and doors? To help you choose, read on for a side-by-side comparison from Golden Windows.

4/14/2021 2:06:13 PM

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