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Along with nourishment and shelter, natural light is one of the most essential human needs. We may not crave it the way we crave dinner, but if you’ve ever smiled up at the sky, as the sun broke through a grey wall of clouds, you can attest to how fundamentally comforting sunlight is.

It is not just the outdoors that where we should experience sunlight. As people increasingly spend time indoors, it is more important than ever to welcome natural light into your home. A home without sunlight feels unusual. It feels cramped and gloomy, lacking the life and flair we typically associate with home.

The best way to add more natural light to your home is by installing new windows. New, energy-efficient windows with low-emissivity glass from Golden Windows can brighten your home and mood while saving you money on utilities.

In this article, we will address questions such as; What window styles add the most light? What are the benefits of natural light in the home? And, how to get started on replacing your old, tired windows, or adding new windows to your space.

Tips for Increasing Natural Light

Whether you are entertaining guests on a bright summer day or relaxing by yourself in the middle of winter, you want your home to provide a welcoming, sunny and warm environment. 

To increase the natural light in your home, take a two-pronged approach: allow light in with large, clean, quality windows, and manage the existing light in your home through smart design strategies.

Install New Windows

One of the most effective ways to increase your home’s natural light is to rethink your windows. Install large replacement windows or create space for new windows. The process of selecting, customizing, and installing windows is easy with Golden Windows’ quality craftsmanship and professional service.

The Best Windows for Natural Light

Golden Windows has several options to choose from, and we encourage you to browse the windows section of our website to decide which ones are right for your home.

However, if you want to maximize natural light, two styles, in particular, come to mind: bay/bow windows and architectural & picture windows. Both of these styles open your home to abundant sunlight while complementing the home’s style and architectural design.  

Bay & Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are multi-panelled windows that add depth and loftiness to a room. Bay windows extrude from the exterior of a home at 30° or 45°, allowing for a range of natural light throughout the day. They are usually (though not exclusively) created with a large picture window in the center and two smaller casement windows on either side.

Bow windows are essentially semi-circular Bay windows – rather than having just three sides, they have a curvilinear form. Both styles add lots of light and space to a room.

Architectural & Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, impactful windows that offer spectacular surrounding views. Not only do they allow lots of natural light, blurring the line between outdoor and indoor, but they create a bold architectural statement as well. To install picture windows, including floor-to-ceiling options, entrust Golden Windows. We design, manufacture and install all our windows, giving you greater choices and better peace-of-mind.

Architectural windows are not so much a style of window as they are an approach to windows. Architectural style windows are for the discerning homeowner. Limited only by your imagination, these endlessly customizable windows are specially designed to fit your lifestyle, personal taste, and home’s architecture.

Choose from numerous shapes, including half rounds, quarter rounds, gothic, ellipticals, segmental, arch, ovals, extended shapes, geometric shapes and many more, as well as a multitude of standard grilles and window designs. Or, if you prefer, let us custom build one for you!

Cleaning Your New Windows

To ensure the most sunlight filtering through your windows, be sure to keep them clean. In our Care and Maintenance brochure, we recommend avoiding abrasive materials or cleaners when cleaning glass.

And to reduce the chance of condensation forming on the glass surfaces – which, in addition to potentially causing mould, can obstruct sunlight from entering your home – Golden Windows recommends removing the internal screens during the winter.

Further maintenance tips for your window include:

  • Cleaning all the operating hardware, hinges and tracks twice a year, and lubricating with silicone spray or light oil.
  • Simply using a mild soap and water for vinyl and aluminum surfaces. (Additionally, automotive paste wax can be used to renew the lustre of the aluminum).
  • Inspecting the face caulking every year to ensure that it's still adequately sealed against the glass. 

With care and maintenance, your new windows will be keeping your home bright and airy for many years.

The Importance of Energy Efficiency

If you are opting for large window replacements or adding new windows, it pays (quite literally) to consider energy efficiency. Windows, as well as doors and skylights, carry the potential for heat loss and can result in up to a 35% energy deficiency.

To ensure that you save money on utilities, choose ENERGY STAR® certified windows. Tested and measured using values like U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Air Leakage and Visible transmittance, ENERGY STAR® certified windows ensure that your new installations are light on the wallet, as well as on the planet.

For energy-efficient windows that increase your home’s natural light, visit Golden Windows today.

Install Skylights, Sliding Patio Doors and a New Door with Sidelites

Beyond windows, consider other installations that allow sunlight in your home. Skylights are a sophisticated solution for adding brightness to any room. Sliding patio doors seamlessly blend your indoor space and backyard outdoor space to create a breezy, accessible and light back entrance. And front entry systems with sidelites brighten your front entranceway, allowing your home to make a fantastic first impression.


For skylights, Golden Windows is proud to offer Velux products. Designed to contribute to sustainable, energy-efficient, healthy and bright living environments, these skylights are fantastic for attic and loft conversions. They also add dramatic flair to kitchens, bathrooms and hallways.

Sliding Patio Doors

Offering wide, unobstructed views of the outdoors, as well as ample natural light, sliding patio doors serve the dual function of acting as an exterior entranceway and a large window. It’s no wonder they are such a popular choice among homeowners.

At Golden Windows, we offer three kinds of energy-efficient sliding patio doors: GoldenClad® Sliding Patio Doors, GoldenWood® Sliding Patio Doors and GoldenVinyl® Sliding Patio Doors. Additionally, you can choose the colour, glass, grille and hardware options that best suit your home and style.


Entry Systems

If it is time to replace your front door, consider an entry system with skylights to increase the natural light in your entranceway. Traditionally a dark part of the house, the entranceway acts as the first impression for guests and should be treated to the same cheerful shine as any other room.

We offer two types of entry systems: GoldenClad® Entry Systems and GoldenWood® Entry Systems. For either, choose from sidelite options such as all glass, kick panel, full lite panel, ¾ lite panel and ½ lite panel.

Other Tips for Increasing Natural Light

With your new windows, skylights, sliding patio doors and entry system installed, you can turn your attention to a design strategy that leverages all your newfound natural light. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your home’s light.

Add Mirrors to Bounce the Sunlight

Everyone knows that mirrors increase the perceived space of a room, but they also help disperse natural light. Any reflective surface, in fact – including reflective backsplashes, polished wood floors and glossy furnishings – will bounce light in a room, creating more even dissemination of light. A few well-placed mirrors will go a long way toward capitalizing on the natural light from your windows.

Choose a Bright Colour Palette

Intuitively, it makes sense: darker walls, ceilings and furnishings make a room feel darker. This is because dark colours absorb light rather than reflect it. Therefore, to make the most out of the natural light from your windows, choose brightly-coloured paint (white is the classic choice) and consider bright furnishings, like taupe couches, white drapes or light grey rugs.  

Keep Your Windows Clear of Obstruction

Is there a houseplant positioned right by the bedroom window? Is there a large couch blocking the lower half of your living room window? Are your custom bathroom windows crowded with hair products and ornamental flowers on the sill? These flourishes and furnishings can be a fun way to add charm to a room, but when they obstruct your windows, they reduce the amount of natural light allowed in your home.  

Manage Your Landscaping

Finally, make sure there are no significant obstructions outside. Overhanging trees and overgrown shrubs can easily get in between you and your natural light. Trim your tree branches and consider replacing larger shrubs with low-lying flowers or plants. In addition to increasing your home’s natural light, a little light landscaping goes a long way toward improving your home's curb appeal.

The Benefits of Natural Light

Now that we’ve tackle tips on adding natural light in your home, let’s talk about why you should. Natural light has wide-ranging benefits not only for your mental and physical well-being but also for the overall aesthetic impression of your home. Let's take a closer look. 

The Health Benefits of Natural Light

Studies continue to reveal the broadscale positive impact of natural light on the human body.

For starters, the sun gives your body the vitamin D it needs. While the sun doesn’t actually emit any vitamin D, it is necessary to create the chemical reaction in your body that produces the essential nutrient. That’s why vitamin D is often called “the sunlight vitamin.” Vitamin D is responsible for fighting off diseases, reducing depression, strengthening bones and improving metabolism.

Natural light has also been shown to improve your sleep. Research shows that natural light – especially morning light – helps reinforce your body’s natural circadian rhythms, encouraging a healthier sleep schedule. Especially at a time when blue-light screens are so prevalent, we need natural light more than ever to help foster a restful schedule. For an excellent dose of morning light, consider installing large windows in your bedroom and living room.


An Improved Mood

Natural light is critical in reducing the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder.) The disorder, which impacts roughly 18% of Canadians, can cause fatigue, depression, irritability and decreased concentration. For a more in-depth look at SAD and how increased exposure to sunlight can help, this article from the CBC is an illuminating read.

Another way sunlight helps improve your mood is by boosting serotonin levels. This study in Clinical Neuroscience, for instance, draws a strong link between natural light exposure and serotonin, the neurotransmitter instrumental in regulating mood. If you have ever felt a sense of joy and satisfaction when the sun beams through your windows, it might be the uptick in your body’s serotonin.

Keep Your Plants Happy Too

In addition to the human residents of the house, sunlight helps your plants stay healthy too. Like all living creatures, plants need the sun to survive. If you want to accent your home with lush, leafy plants (which offer their own health benefits in the form of air purification), allow them to sunbathe by installing bright, new windows.

The Impression of Spaciousness

Natural light has aesthetic benefits, as well. Dimly lit rooms feel less spacious because the lack of light decreases visibility, giving the impression that things are more cramped than they are. A room with abundant light, on the other hand, feels breezy and open.

Resale Value

In our recent article on resale value, we discussed the importance of natural light. According to a 2020 homebuyer study, natural light is a top feature that buyers look for in a home. Perhaps it is for all the reasons above – health, wellness and spaciousness – or maybe it's because bright homes stage better than dingy houses. Whatever the reason, if you are making upgrades to boost resale value, new window installation should be a top priority.

To improve your family’s health, wellness and boost the overall aesthetic and resale value of your home, let there be light. Follow the tips above, including installing new windows, skylights, sliding patio doors and entry systems. To get started, call Golden Windows, or come visit our showroom today.


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