Cottage Window Designs That Make The Most Of The Lake

Cottage Window Designs That Make The Most Of The Lake


Building any home can seem like an overwhelming task; from working with an architect and contractors to paying for materials and dealing with surprises, it might be enough to make you want to call it quits. But few things are as satisfying as building your own home, especially when it’s a vacation property on a lake or a beach in Southern Ontario. You choose every piece of the puzzle, and you get the feeling that you’re building a dream home brick by brick. From the paint choices to the floor, it’s your masterpiece. Here at Golden Windows, we wanted to give you a hand with advice about windows for your cottage country.


Architectural Windows

When you have a waterfront home, you’re going to want big architectural windows that maximise the view and take advantage of high ceilings, especially if they’re vaulted in classic Muskoka style. One of the challenges of a waterfront property on Lake Huron is the heat. Grand architectural windows facing the water mean you get a lot of sunlight coming from the west, and that can turn your living room into a sauna, especially if you don’t believe in AC at the cottage.

Using energy efficient windows from Golden Windows can help you reduce heat gain from west-facing windows by reflecting the infrared rays of direct sunlight with a Low-E coating. It doesn’t interfere with visible light, but it can improve the home comfort. Energy efficient windows can also help keep the cottage warm when winter winds come blasting off the lake.

Wrap-Around Windows

The cottage is all about letting the outdoors in, and another great way of doing so is by building a dining room annex with wrap-around windows. It gives you the feeling of eating outside in all seasons without the discomfort, whether it’s black flies and mosquitos or rain and cold.


Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors will also blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside, perfect when you’re eating indoors but want to let the outside in. In addition to energy efficient windows, we also sell a wide range of energy efficient doors and sliding patio doors.


Big Bathroom Windows

If your lot has the privacy and the bathroom faces the water, why not create a spa-like environment in your master bathroom so that you can soak in the tranquillity of a pine forest or with a view of the lake. Use an opaque window treatment for privacy when you need it, but if you have a secluded lot looking out onto Lake Huron or Georgian Bay, you can relax with nature close by.


As a local window company, at Golden Windows, we sell windows and doors to contractors all across Ontario. If you’re building a cottage on the Bruce Peninsula, on the Lake Huron shoreline near Goderich or Grand Bend, visit our showroom in London ON or have your contractor give us a call. We list some of Southern Ontario’s most reliable contractors and developers as our clients.

You can find endless windows solutions in our catalogue, whether it’s for log homes, cottages, or your home in the city, just check out our gallery. Give us a call, browse through our gallery, or send us a message online if you have any questions. It’s our job to make sure your home is perfect.


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